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Our roots are in the theater.

A good brand story, like compelling theater, creates an emotional response that changes the way your market feels about you and your brand. Group Delphi’s origins as a theatrical production company give us the unique ability to create exhibits and events that help you engage your markets and move your audiences to change their behaviors or perceptions.

You have stories to tell and markets to reach, products to sell and brands to promote. Connecting with your customer face to face requires more than a designed structure—it requires multi-level experiences. Whether you need a trade show exhibit, a corporate event, a retail installation, or museum fabrication, let us show you how we can bring your story to life.

Group Delphi in the News

Shannon Densmore Joins Group Delphi as Executive Producer of Digital Content

Shannon Densmore has joined Group Delphi as the new executive producer of digital content at the company’s Alameda, CA office. Shannon will be an essential part of Group Delphi’s growing digital services.

"Shannon's wealth of experience in the broad spectrum of digital content will help keep us in the forefront of this dynamic medium,” says Tony Erpelding, Vice President of Creative Services. “We are excited to add her incredible creativity and tireless energy to our team."

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We Won — Twice!
Group Del­phi wins two 2013 Event Design Awards.

Event Marketer’s 2013 Event Design Awards rec­og­nize the exhibit industry’s lead­ing change agents, and the award-winning projects reflect how stu­dios are rein­vent­ing expe­ri­ence design. The win­ners were announced Dec. 10 and Group Del­phi was hon­ored to be a gold win­ner – twice!

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Group Delphi Acquires Image Exhibits

Nov. 12, 2013, Ft. Wayne, IN -- Expanding its Midwest presence, Group Delphi has acquired Image Exhibits of Ft. Wayne, IN. Image Exhibits’ clients will now be able to take advantage of Group Delphi’s turnkey services--from creative content and design through fabrication, asset management, logistical support and installation--for exhibits, events and environments worldwide.

Group Delphi’s Ft. Wayne location continues to enhance its ability to provide corporate exhibitors with total program management. This acquisition is a win-win for both Group Delphi and Image Exhibits’ client base and personnel.

"We are very pleased to welcome Image Exhibits to Group Delphi,” said Justin Hersh, CEO of Group Delphi. “Our focus on integration, innovation and service has been a key priority as we’ve grown over the past several years, and this focus serves as a solid foundation for blending Image with our group and delivering winning solutions to their important customer base."

About Group Delphi
Group Delphi is the combination of three innovative companies -- Delphi Productions (Alameda, CA), ICON Exhibits (Ft. Wayne, IN) and GGE (San Francisco, CA) – merging to form a diversified enterprise with a robust product, service and solutions offering for organizations in the trade show, event, museum and retail marketplace. Group Delphi has two U.S. production locations – one in Alameda, CA and one in Ft. Wayne, IN – as well as an office in Paris and partners worldwide to support our clients’ exhibit programs globally.

Group Delphi collaborates with Design Firm Stimulant to deliver GeO-Deck

Group Delphi collaborated with design firm Stimulant to deliver the new GeO-Deck inside Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX. The iconic landmark opened for the first time in 6 years with a modern geometric design featuring the latest technology.

The high-tech observation deck’s 30 touch screens allow visitors to identify landmarks, buildings and businesses visible in the skyline. Visitors can also use the interactives to manipulate cameras mounted outside the deck to zoom into specific parts of the city.

Click on the press releases below to see pictures and learn more about Group Delphi’s latest project:

An Inside Look at the New GeO-Deck Inside Reunion Tower

Such Great Heights.An Inside Look at Reunion Tower's New High-Tech Observation Deck.

Reunion Tower gets high-tech redesign and new daytime cafe

Pixar and Group Delphi: Another great Siggraph

Group Delphi - Pixar Exhibit at Siggraph

Pixar always generates a tremendous amount of attendee interest at Siggraph with attendees, as usual, waited patiently because they knew the experience at the booth would be worth it. The exhibit itself promoted new technology and the latest edition of RenderMan. And because technology is the backbone of the message, the high touch experience makes the technology accessible.

See the pictures from this year’s Pixar exhibit featuring "Monsters University."

Listen to Group Delphi CEO and EDPA president Justin Hersh discuss the state of the exhibit industry.

Group Delphi Exhibits at HCEA in Austin, June 22-25, 2013

Attendees at the HCEA Annual Meeting in Austin, June 22-25, are invited to visit Group Delphi (space 431) and choose a destination backdrop for digital pictures. All the backdrops were created in Group Delphi’s studio and give attendees a chance to take a virtual if not an actual vacation. For more information, visit

Group Delphi rocks EXHIBITOR 2013 with Projection Mapping, lead capture technology and mojitos!

The only exhibitor at the recent EXHIBITOR 2013 to showcase what major meetings publications are calling the hottest new technology, projection mapping, Group Delphi’s presence at this industry show had both corporate exhibit managers and other suppliers flocking to the booth to see how the nearly perfect execution of projection mapping can transform a simple space into an amazing experience with a brand.

New Group Delphi Blog Posts

ABC's of Supplier Selection for Trade Show Programs

Justin Hersh, Group Delphi CEO, explores the issues of vendor selection in the trade show industry. Hear his two-part presentation: Part 1 | Part 2

Group Delphi at Exhibitor 2012

10 Tips for Better Exhibit Design

Tony Erpelding presents “10 Tips for Working with Exhibit Designers” at the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA) Annual Meeting. Listen to his insights!

Tony Erpelding at HCEA 2012 Group Delphi at HCEA 2012

Group Delphi Adds Steve Riches, Expands its Reach to Southern California

6/14/2012 - Group Delphi is pleased to announce the addition of Steve Riches as Director of Business Development. In addition to strengthening the power of its sales team, Group Delphi is also expanding its reach to include the Southern California market.

Steve will be building on the many relationships he has developed over the past 20 years in the exhibit industry His clients come from a wide spectrum of industries including market leaders in healthcare, technology, and media. He has also been involved with various industry associations including HCEA, EDPA, IFES and OSPI.

Born and raised in England, Steve holds dual citizenship in the US and the EU. He is trilingual and fluent in English, French and Spanish. A graduate of Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management, he resides in Laguna Beach, California, with his wife and two daughters.

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EDPA’s Global Trendspotters

With all the excitement about the opportunities in China and the other BRIC countries, not to mention concern over the European economy, we decided that to start off the new year, we would talk to some of our good friends in Germany, Rudolf Pettenpohl of Fair Affair and Marianne Vendelbo, head of Group Delphi’s Berlin office.

John: What is currently ‘trendy’ in Germany?

Rudolf: Sustainability is very trendy indeed, but there is a difference between words and action. To act sustainably means to use better quality materials and extend the life of the built parts. That means that costs are sometimes higher, and unfortunately many managers aren’t really interested in paying a higher cost to plan for tomorrow’s world.

Marianne: Yes, there is a ‘green wave’ revival in Germany, and German exhibit builders, in general, are way ahead of other countries in this field. For instance 100 of 250 worldwide events on the environment and sustainability are held in Germany. Perhaps this is reflected, too, in the decision by the German government to shut down all nuclear power plants, in the aftermath of Fukushima. German builders are getting better at recycling, discontinuing the use of toxic materials or manufacturing processes, conserving energy, and packing efficiently to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation. There is also a movement to motivate staff, such as rewarding on-site crews if an exhibit comes back undamaged and can be 100% reused, or if they can maintain a close to zero carbon footprint with construction practices.

Pat: Do you see a shift in the overall social consciousness in Germany?

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Global Trends: Americans in Paris

The movie Midnight in Paris transported us back to a dreamy, romantic city. But for U.S. exhibitors, Paris is a vibrant place to do business. This responsive panel has provided a wealth of information on this subject. But first, the big picture Paris, courtesy of Parisian Serge Perard of Sine.Qua.Non:

Serge: What are trends in Paris? Obviously, color treatments, the nature of the shows, and the fact that we are talking about Paris itself already creates a lot of differences. We are in a financial crisis, and without a good sense of the future, some shows have really downgraded their content. At the last exhibition I attended, an agricultural show, everything was ‘less.’ Less to see, less to taste. Yet luxury goods are holding their own, taking advantage of our new tourists coming from Russia and China, who artificially boost the market and end up changing the way things are done. This is particularly obvious in semi-permanent exhibits in the department stores, window displays and also the pre-eminence given to the brands in the “grands magasins,” Galeries Lafayette or Printemps. On the other hand, there are plenty of smaller exhibitions based on cultural or historical content: paintings, objects, sculptures-- there are so many to visit you could probably jump from one to the other almost all year long without a break.


Frank: I have seen increased use of rear illuminated fabric graphics and fabric wall panels. Beware! fire codes are very strict in France, usually requiring material samples to be sent to the fire inspector prior to the show.

Ivy: There is increased use of LED lighting. Seamless screens are more popular than touch screens. Colors are more subtle. There is a lot of glass, aluminum, fabric and stainless steel. Wood is used for floors but not so much for walls; it’s an environmental issue.

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Storytelling on a Grand Scale

With roots in theatrical stage scenery, Group Delphi, based in Alameda, Calif., understands the importance of storytelling. As Group Delphi has grown and expanded its reach, the company’s storytelling approach continues to be the foundation of its work.

“Over the years we’ve transformed the company into what is now our core business: the design, manufacture and management of large-scale trade show programs, corporate events, museum exhibits and, most recently, retail operations,” says Group Delphi CEO Justin Hersh. “The commonality across these different areas is storytelling. Our interest is in trying to understand what our customers want to tell their audiences and then in finding the environment and experience that most effectively tells that story. We’re more agnostic about the solution and much more interested in delving into the story and finding the most effective way to tell it. Sometimes that may be a permanent installation in a company’s lobby, graphics, multi-media and three-dimensional work. For us, it’s being able to bring a wide variety of tools to the table, working with the client to find the right solutions and delivering those solutions.”

As Hersh notes, Group Delphi has many tools at its disposal, from wide format and grand format inkjet printing to the use of dynamic digital signage. In other words, at Group Delphi the medium is not the message; the message is the message, and the medium follows.

Hersh sees digital content that arrives on-screen, whether at an event or as part of a display, as a complementary technology to digital printing. “There’s a tendency by the proponents of a new technology to present it as a category displacer,” he says. “However, we see new technology as different media that become complementary to existing media. One of the things that’s exciting to us is that as prices have come down and quality has gone up with wide format printing, the ability to use graphics to change an environment and then to overlay digital content, providing a level of interactivity, creates an opportunity for a much more dynamic experience.”

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Group Delphi Makes Dramatic Statement at Exhibitor 2012

Change means growth, and growth is good

The exhibit industry in the 2000s was rocked by change: changed perceptions, changed decision making, changed rules, changed buying power. By now, the expectation of change is part of our industry’s DNA, or at least it should be.

But most of us don’t readily embrace change because it moves us out of our comfort zones, and makes us confront the unfamiliar. Group Delphi’s exhibit at EXHIBITOR2012 was all about change. Read more here.

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Group Delphi completed some exciting kiosk and media work for Eaton Vehicles in Germany

For almost a century, Eaton has been supplying the trucking industry with products designed to increase profitability and to improve vehicle performance and power. For IAA 2012, the challenge was to provide the European region with kiosks showcasing Eaton’s products, to educate the European market, and to create global brand unification.: Click here to see how we can work under time pressure!

Group Delphi - Eaton Exhibit

Group Delphi is providing 20 scholarships to trade show managers who are taking classes at Exhibitor 2013 towards their CTSM designation

10/4/2012 - Group Delphi announces it will provide 20 scholarships for trade show managers to attend educational sessions at EXHIBITOR2013. "The exhibit industry in the 2000's was rocked by change: changed perceptions, changed decision making, changed rules, changed buying power. By now, the expectation of change is part of our industry’s DNA, or at least it should be," said Justin Hersh, Group Delphi CEO. "Group Delphi is proud to give exhibit managers the opportunity to improve their skills at the industry's premier educational event.'' Scholarship Application Here | Read More Here


Group Delphi is proud to be a sponsor of the first stop on the EDPA Road Show!

10/4/2012 - Group Delphi announces it will provide 20 scholarships for trade show managers to attend educational sessions at EXHIBITOR2013. EDPA is hitting the road and coming to your city! Join us for this one day informative workshop to gain access to the latest trends in exhibit design, learn how to tackle sustainability within your business and network with your fellow exhibit industry professionals. First stop: San Francisco, Thursday, November 1. Read More Here


Breaking News: EDPA Roadshow 2012 in San Francisco Postponed.

The first stop of EDPA’s Roadshow 2012 in San Francisco this Thursday, November 1 has been postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. We will be announcing a reschedule date in the coming week. Thank you to everyone who has already registered and we hope that you will be able to join us on the new event date.


EDPA Roadshow 2012! First stop: San Francisco. Group Delphi is a sponsor!

The Roadshow that was a victim of Sandy is now rescheduled for November 15. Read more here


Group Delphi Applauds Pacific Science Center's Wellbody Exhibit!

Group Delphi is proud to have been part of the new Wellbody Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. The recent opening showcased our media, interactive and themed environment capabilities. A good day for everyone! Learn more about the concept of this exhibit in this video

Pacific Science Center Wellbody Exhibit - Group Delphi

Group Delphi CEO Justin Hersh participated in the EDPA Roadshow in San Francisco.

Group Delphi CEO Justin Hersh participated in the EDPA Roadshow in San Francisco

Group Delphi received 3 Eddie Awards at EDPA Access

Group Delphi received 3 Eddie Awards at EDPA Access. The Eddie Awards are for self-promotion marketing. Group Delphi won awards for its "Clear Vision" ad campaign, the best small booth ("We Make You Look Good") at HCEA, and the best on-line presence with Justin Hersh, incoming EDPA president, accepted the awards at a special banquet.

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Visit Group Delphi at EXHIBITOR 2013

Visit Group Delphi at EXHIBITOR 2013, # 969, Mandalay Bay, March 18-20, to learn how passion, creativity and innovation add up to SERVICE. Click Here for a free pass to the exhibit hall.

EXHIBITOR 2013 - A large canopy provides identity visible across the show floor as well as housing for the camera.

Group Delphi - Eaton Exhibit

EXHIBITOR 2013 - Projection mapping turns a simple meeting space into an environmental experience.

Group Delphi - Eaton Exhibit

EXHIBITOR 2013 - Projection mapping allows a dynamic display of brand messages.

Group Delphi - Eaton Exhibit

Group Delphi selected by Event Marketer for the Fab50!

Group Delphi - Event Marketer Fab50

From the judges: Pay attention while we vent. It actually pains us that this Bay Area exhibit partner is still somewhat unknown in many client circles. Justin Hersh's labor of love has always been ahead of the curve, offering strategy-laced exhibit programs that are heavy on marketing and technology before many other Fab 50 companies jumped on the experiential bandwagon. The creative is hot, the prices are moderate and the work is integrated. Fact: Few other exhibit companies have mastered the art of connecting exhibits on the show floor with "off-the-show- floor" events and experiences--all at the same time.

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Group Delphi Helps Charles Schwab Celebrate 40 Years

An interactive exhibit designed and developed by Group Delphi is pivotal for the 40th anniversary of the founding of the firm. Learn how Group Delphi developed this fascinating exhibit.

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Group Delphi Exhibits at HCEA in Austin, June 22-25, 2013

Attendees at the HCEA Annual Meeting in Austin, June 22-25, are invited to visit Group Delphi (space 431) and choose a destination backdrop for digital pictures. All the backdrops were created in Group Delphi’s studio and give attendees a chance to take a virtual if not an actual vacation. For more information, visit

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