Visit Group Delphi at Exhibitor Live 2015

Exhibitor 2015Things are starting to change in the exhibition industry. How do we know? Because we’re the one changing them. If you’re curious to see what the future will look like, come visit us at Exhibitor Live on March 1-5, 2015 in Las Vegas. Take a seat with us at booth #1413 and we’ll show you the forward-thinking things we’re doing – and how we can do it for you.

Are you attending sessions? Then come see Group Delphi Executive Producer of Digital Content Shannon Densmore and Digital Content Producer Kevy Vona discuss the “Anatomy of Digital Content” in Session R228:

Thursday, March 5th
Location: R228

Exhibitor Live is the #1 conference and expo for trade show and event marketing professionals from all industries and experience levels. At North America’s largest exhibition of trade show and event suppliers, you can explore new ideas, innovative technologies, useful products and vital services.

Group Delphi Donates $1000 to Wood Middle School Maker Space

Back row, from left, are: Mercedes Thorne, Cammie Harris, Justin Hersh, Nga Nguyen and Lesley Martin. Front row, from left, are: Brandon Robason, Michelle Li, Bobby Locklear, Adrian Maghanoy, John Maghanoy and Eldar Tudjinoic.

Back row, from left, are: Mercedes Thorne, Cammie Harris, Justin Hersh, Nga Nguyen and Lesley Martin. Front row, from left, are: Brandon Robason, Michelle Li, Bobby Locklear, Adrian Maghanoy, John Maghanoy and Eldar Tudjinoic.

Not too far from Group Delphi’s headquarters in Alameda, CA, sits Wood Middle School. It kind of looks like any other school from the outside, but it’s what’s inside that we think is really special. You see, once you walk through the doors of WMS, you’ll find more than 400 students learning math, science, technology, art and engineering through their very own hands-on Maker Space.

Now making things is obviously close to the heart of Group Delphi. In fact, it’s the one thing we love to do most. And it’s because of that shared passion that we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with WMS to provide them with wood, acrylic, paints and other materials from our shop.

To show the world these amazing kids in these wonderful Maker Spaces, we created the “Make a Maker” video during the holiday season that tied to a $1000 donation. Not only will we be donating materials from our shop to the students, but also money to help buy the tools to use the materials donated. Continue reading

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Integrating Digital Media in Trane’s 50’x65′ Trade Show Exhibit at AHR 2015

Trane's 50'x65' exhibit at AHR 2015 integrated interactive technology within the structure.

Trane’s 50’x65′ exhibit at AHR 2015 was seamlessly integrated with interactive technology.

While Apple is mastering the smart phone and Google is driving the smart car, companies like Trane are making our buildings smarter.

Trane’s technical innovations are leading the way for energy-saving solutions. Their high-tech heating and air conditioning systems can be controlled wirelessly and are integrated with lighting and security systems that can be monitored online and by mobile devices. These smart systems increase efficiency in infrastructures ranging from multi-building campuses to single-family homes.

Our Goal: For AHR 2015, our goal was to showcase Trane’s technical innovation and position them well beyond just an HVAC product manufacturer. Trane needed to start conversations with attendees and demonstrate their capabilities. Continue reading

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Understanding Image Resolution For Large Trade Show Graphics


Resolution gets a bad rap.

No, I’m not referring to your New Year’s Resolution to lose 10 pounds. I’m talking about image resolution for graphic production. When you are planning your graphics for a trade show exhibit, image resolution is critically important but not well understood. Worse, many people dismiss it as being too technical. Here’s image resolution made simple. Continue reading

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Want to Work For Group Delphi? Apply Now To Job Openings

Rawle BicycleGroup Delphi is growing and looking for world-class talent to keep pace with our growth!

We need people to help us do what others say is impossible: creating imaginative, perhaps genius, work in-house and under one roof. You’ll have all the tools, technology and support you need to take your work to even higher levels. And you’ll join our band of eclectic artisans, woodworkers, 2D and 3D animators, robotics engineers, videographers, sculptors, model makers, photographers, poets, metalworkers, project managers and technologists.

We are going places. Fast. Join the ride.

Click the links below to learn more about the open positions at Group Delphi in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Marketing Manager

AutoCAD Drafter and Design Detailer

Production Project Manager

Business Unit Leader

Follow us on LinkedIn for future job openings and company news.

When Your Temporary Exhibit Travels to Another Museum…

We get it. Museum exhibitions can take years of blood, sweat and tears to research, organize, plan and promote. So when your temporary exhibition closes and travels to another museum or gallery, it may be a little hard to say good-bye…

Ah, such is the life of working at a museum. Inspired by the blog, When You Work At a Museum.

Psst, have you seen our website dedicated to museums?

Passionate Customer Service At My Local Hardware Store

Tuggey's HardwareSmall businesses often give the best customer service because they are passionate about what they do. My neighborhood hardware store, Tuggey’s, was a prime example.

Tuggey’s had been a fixture in the San Francisco community for 114 years. The owner, Denny, whose father purchased the store from the original owner in 1957, never focused solely on a sale but on helping his customers succeed. Whenever you came in with your do-it-yourself project, Denny would invariably ask you what you were trying to do rather than what you wanted. He helped assemble what was required for the project, showed multiple options, suggested solutions, offered advice and always gave moral support — which is always much needed on DIY projects.

Denny was more than a shopkeeper — he was a consultant whose joy for what he did was infectious. He believed that a customer’s success was his success. Despite the allure of lower prices at big-box warehouses, Tuggey’s was my first choice in a hardware store. Continue reading

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Renovating The Presidio, A 300-Year Old Heritage Museum

RAA Presidio Nicolas Guillin

The Presidio of San Francisco reopened after a close collaboration with Ralph Appelbaum Associates. Photo courtesy of Nicolas Guillin.

The Presidio was established in 1776 and is the oldest garrisoned post in the American West. The Trust wanted to renovate the Officer’s Club into a heritage museum that honored the historical building itself as an artifact in conjunction with adding dedicated gallery space in a new additional building.

Group Delphi worked with design firm partners Ralph Appelbaum Associates to create exhibits that were designed, built and installed without penetrating any of the original building’s surfaces – this meant no screws, nails, or bolts could be used – as well as creating casework for the 162 artifacts, plus timelines, maps, graphics and lighting elements in the new building’s Heritage Gallery. Continue reading

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Two Tips to Stand-Out on the Trade Show Floor


Macquarie Rotorcraft Leasing’s goal was to make attendees to stop and ask, “Who is Macquarie?”

A trade show should be a major component of your marketing strategy–it certainly is a large number in your marketing budget. Experiential marketing initiatives such as trade shows or corporate events give your key markets the opportunity to literally come face-to-face with your brand and to make an emotional connection with it. With that in mind, let’s look at two very simple ways you can make your brand stand out (in a good way) on the trade show floor.

Tip #1: Be Authentically Creative
As marketing increasingly continues to automate, face-to-face interactions are the most authentic way for your market to experience your brand and to turn a prospect or customer into a buyer, a loyalist, or an advocate. A trade show is the time to set your company apart, to get noticed. With your competitors on every corner, the situation calls for creative courage and tactics that will attract your target audience. Take a creative risk that resonates with your brand. Continue reading

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Digital Media Technology in the Modern Museum

Museum Social BehaviorReblogged & portions borrowed from Catching Our Breath: Assessing Digital Technologies for Meaningful Visitor Engagement by Stacey Mann, Jennifer Moses, and Matthew Fisher

Museums traditionally serve the public by providing access to historical, scientific, and cultural artifacts and informed commentary and research. Technology in museums supports engaged learning, but the 21st century museum-goer wants more than knowledge – they want an experience.

Millennials are digital natives who don’t necessarily distinguish between the real and the virtual, and when they do, many of them prefer the digital realm. In an increasingly digital world, several studies indicate shifts in cognitive processing that include shrinking attention spans.

Museums can enhance their exhibits and visitor experience with new media technologies. Through the mindful use of technology, visitors may look-up from their mobile devices and return attention to the actual space of the museum exhibit and other people sharing that space. Continue reading

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