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Executive  Producer of Digital Content Shannon Densmore is described as a "vibrant force in the digital media industry."

Executive Producer of Digital Content Shannon Densmore is described as a “vibrant force in the digital media industry.”

The best brands and museums excel at telling great stories – stories that engage visitors and compel them to learn more. At Group Delphi, we have skilled, passionate storytellers right in house. They work closely with our strategy, design and build teams to seamlessly craft whatever integrated experience you require, from written words and photography to video, animation and interactive digital worlds.

Meet Shannon Densmore, Executive Producer Of Digital Content at Group Delphi. Shannon was recently featured by her alma mater Simon Fraser University as a “vibrant force in the digital media industry.” During her college years, Shannon’s passions for finding ways to make historical and scientific concepts accessible and fun led her to explore documentaries and media projects for museums. She went on to contribute to projects such as the PBS film A Midwife’s Tale, the SPAM™ Museum in Minnesota, McGraw-Hill’s online student support product, LearnSmart, The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the National Geographic documentary series Goldfathers. Continue reading

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Converting Chicago Newsstands into Food Retail Kiosks

EAT Spots 2

Non-profit organization e.a.t. came to Group Delphi with the challenge to convert defunct newsstands into kiosks selling fresh food. Photo by Alan Shortall

Once a symbol of a bustling city, the newsstands of Chicago were defunct and without purpose when non-profit organization e.a.t. (education, agriculture, technology) developed a new business model that repurposed the newsstands into kiosks selling fresh food. But these newsstands were designed to sell papers, not perishables, and Group Delphi was given the challenge of retrofitting these 45 sq. ft. newsstands into food retail outlets.

The old newsstands were fitted with metal racks for newspapers and magazines, and Group Delphi dismantled the structures so we could start with a clean empty shell. Then refrigerator units were built into custom cabinets and scaled to size and functionality of the kiosks. Electricity also had to be redone. The new structures were mostly painted wood, and the graphic panels made to be removable and changeable. Continue reading

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SF Business Times Features East Bay Museum Exhibit Builder

This week’s edition of the San Francisco Business Times features a list of the Bay Area’s 25 Largest Museums.

For an expert opinion on museums, a reporter talked to Bill Nieser, vice president of museums and environments at Group Delphi, whose team just completed a huge project for the grand re-opening of the Officer’s Club at the Presidio Trust.

In the article, Bill talks about technology in museums and cites the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, CA as an example of a museum using RFID scanners to enhance the museum visitor experience. For a behind-the-scenes look at museum exhibition building, Bill toured a spray booth where he was personally airbrushed by our scenic artist, Fred Gums (who rarely gets the opportunity to airbrush a model who’s alive). Continue reading

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Historical Museum at the Presidio Trust Re-opens After $30million Renovation

The re-opened Officer's Club at the Presidio Trust honors 200 years of military history.

The re-opened Officer’s Club at the Presidio Trust honors 200 years of military history.

The Presidio Officers’ Club in San Francisco re-opened Saturday, October 4th following a three year, $30 million renovation. The Officers’ Club now serves as a heritage museum honoring 200 years of military history.

Established in 1776 as Spain’s northern-most colonization in the New World, the Presidio was one of the longest-garrisoned posts in the country and the oldest in the American West. The 36,895 sq. ft. Officer’s Club shows its many uses over the years and bears the scars of many remodeling efforts – the Mesa Room, which is the oldest structure in the building and was once a home to a Spanish soldier and his family, has walls from four different eras.

Given the opportunity to renovate the historical building into a museum, design firm Ralph Appelbaum Associates and builders Group Delphi honored the building itself as a historical artifact. Continue reading

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Breaking Ground on a New Manufacturing Facility in Fort Wayne, IN

Group Delphi breaks ground on a new building housing talent, technology and production under one roof.

Group Delphi breaks ground on a new building housing talent, technology and production under one roof.

Is manufacturing slowing in the U.S.? While many manufacturing companies are taking their work and jobs abroad, Group Delphi continues to grow our manufacturing capabilities and add jobs in the heartland of the United States.

Currently our Fort Wayne, IN location utilizes 84,000 square feet in four buildings housing offices, storage and production. After a recent acquisition in the Midwest, Group Delphi’s growth caused us to look at expanding our manufacturing space and capabilities. For long-term and sustainable growth as a leading design/build company, Group Delphi unrolled plans to build a new facility that would house talent, technology and production under one roof. Continue reading

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Games, Media & Tech with Trade Show Marketing

iPads games brought out the competitive spirit VMworld 2014

Within the spirit of the No Limits campaign, the Big Idea wall showcased people’s big ideas at VMworld 2014.

Building on momentum from the success of VMworld 2013, VMware and Group Delphi joined forces again to use the harness technology and engagement at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. Positioning itself as the leader in cloud computing with a commanding presence, VMware presented a new marketing campaign intended to break limits of the mind but stay within the limits of the 2013 budget.

With all their top guns in-house, Group Delphi’s in-house teams designed and produced all of the exhibit properties, graphics, media, AV system hardware, software development and integrated all the moving parts for a VMworld that was cutting edge, engaging, interactive and delightful.

Within the spirit of No Limits, Group Delphi produced The Big Idea Wall for a user-friendly iPad app interface where people could share ideas for VMware products and improvements. Answers playfully appeared on the wall as idea clouds where individuals were encouraged to snap selfies for sharing via social media and the hashtag #VMworld. Not only was this game playfully engaging, but also strategically collected the qualitative and quantitative data for marketing analysis. Continue reading

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Day-Spa Inspired 20’x20′ Nimlok Trade Show Exhibit

Nextremity’s 20′x20′ Nimlock exhibit takes elements from nature for a spa-like feel.

Inspired by the ambiance of a day-spa, wooden floors, white fabric and lighting create a spa-like feel in 20’x20′ trade show booth for Nextremity Solutions.

Nextremity Solutions® is a privately held medical device company at the forefront of forefoot surgical devices. When creating a new strategy for their trade show program, Nextremity Solutions collaborated with Fish Marketing and Group Delphi to revamp their 10’x20’ and 20’x20’ Nimlok booths for a “spa feel.”

To achieve the ambiance of a spa, Group Delphi added white fabric, pendant lights, plants and wood flooring for spa-like elements. And what’s a spa without bottled water? For spa-like luxury, Nextremity Solutions made a last minute request of water bottles with custom branded labels. Never afraid to rise to the challenge, Group Delphi printed the labels, purchased the water and applied the labels in time for the show for the extra touch of hospitality. Continue reading

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Exhibit City News Features Group Delphi

Exhibit City News features Group Delphi's recent growth.

Exhibit City News features Group Delphi’s recent growth.

After studying theater production in college, CEO Justin Hersh knew he could build a company that created environments that surprise and delight audiences like the theater stage. With only $2,000 and their power tools, Justin and some friends founded Delphi Productions 25 years ago in Oakland, California. Since then, Delphi Productions grew into Group Delphi by continually evolving and seeking opportunities.

From breaking ground to hiring new employees, Exhibit City News took the opportunity to sit down with Justin for a discussion on Group Delphi’s growth in national profile and prominence for their feature, Group Delphi Doubles in Size and Precision.

With over 190,000 square-feet of offices and production in an historic WWII hangar on the former Alameda, CA Naval Base, Group Delphi serves as the Bay Area’s largest exhibit fabrication company.

Just this past August in “our backyard” of San Francisco, Group Delphi transformed environments for VMware, Symantec and Hitachi Data Systems for VMworld, the global conference for virtualization and cloud computing. VMware, the conference host and a software company, has been a Group Delphi client for three and a half years.

With another location in Fort Wayne, IN, Group Delphi broke ground earlier this year to construct an ultramodern 200,000 square-foot facility. The sleek new building will consolidate four buildings on 200,000 square feet for offices, manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing and storage. Group Delphi has a goal to hire 68 employees by 2017.

During Group Delphi’s busy August, a progressive project in sustainability, community and healthy eating debuted in Chicago. We partnered with non-profit e.a.t. (education, agriculture, technology) to transform downtown Chicago’s old, unused newsstands into colorfully branded healthy food stands known as “e.a.t. spots.” Renowned chefs create the menu of fresh foods from local farms as grab-n-go snacks and meals for the people of Chicago.

Want to read more from the article? Read more from Exhibit City News.

Is Group Delphi hiring? Check us out on LinkedIn for the latest job postings.

Throwback Thursday to VMworld 2013

VMware took you on a time machine at VMworld 2013.

VMware took you on a time machine at VMworld 2013.

VMware, a global leader in cloud computing, gathers everyone who is anyone in the cloud computing space at its VMworld event each summer in San Francisco.

At the 2013 show, VMware celebrated its past 15 years of success as well as its newest cutting edge IT solutions. Their goal was to position themselves as both an agile innovative technology leader and an established pioneer with a 15-year history. Group Delphi helped them do just that with three exhibits that were 20’x30’, 20’x50’ and 70’x90’. Continue reading

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An Insider’s Perspective: Charlene Soelter

Charlene Soelter, Director of Client Strategy

Charlene Soelter, Director of Client Strategy

This week we will feature An Insider’s Perspective from Group Delphi’s Director of Client Strategy, Charlene Soelter. We asked Charlene three questions about her perspective on the trade show industry, and here are her answers.

  1. How did you get your start in trade shows?
    My background and interest was always rooted in design but I had taken a couple of years off to have kids and raise them.  A girlfriend of mine came by for coffee one day, also a stay at home mom, and she talked about going back to work.   She was in Accounting.    I found a posting for an accounting position in a design agency, and on a whim — in front of her —  I pretended to be her and called and scheduled an interview for her. The design agency intrigued me and I was excited for her to go and tell me all about the company.
    The morning of the interview, she called me to tell me that she had cold feet and was not going.   I decided to go instead just because I wanted to step into a creative environment. Continue reading
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