New Website for Museum Exhibit Design & Fabrication

Museum WebsiteWhat does it take to design and build a museum exhibit?

Let us show you. Group Delphi just launched a new website dedicated to the design and fabrication of museum exhibits and permanent installations.

Take a look at our stellar work. We collaborate with the world’s top design firms on fabricating museum exhibits as small as the Huntington Beach Wildlife Conservancy, to projects as a large as the multi-million dollar halls in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

How do we do it? We are a “group” of artists, strategists, carpenters, poets, filmmakers, 3D animators, marketers, architects, industrial engineers, model makers, metalworkers, scene creators, robotics experts, sculptors, photographers, painters, producers, and tech geeks who can bring anything to life – and do it all under one roof.

You can expect big things from Group Delphi. Let us show you what we can do for you. Contact us.

Diner-Style Design Inspiration for 20’x20′ Modular Island Exhibit

20X20 Polygon Portable Modular Group Delphi

Polygon’s 20’x20′ portable/modular exhibit was featured in “Ideas That Work” for Exhibitor Magazine’s November 2014 issue.

Polygon, the world’s largest producer of composite self-lubricating bearings, needed a fresh look for their 20’x20′ modular island exhibit at the ConEx 2014 trade show. Playing on the concept of their “greasy” product, Fish Marketing worked with Group Delphi to design the “Greaseless Bearings Café.”

They had a tight budget, but simple design solutions created the look and feel of a 1950s classic diner. The bright red and yellow vertical graphics combined with the black and white checkered flooring gave the feel of a burger joint. You could sit in the cafe-style seating that were  surrounded by glass-block walls. The product cases were reminiscent of a diner’s pie case and the booth hostesses played the role of waitresses with red dresses and black aprons and heels. Polygon’s large monument sign rotated, which could be seen from across the trade show floor.

Not only did the exhibit work on the trade show floor, but it also created a buzz in the industry. Exhibitor Magazine featured Polygon’s Greaseless Bearings Café in their monthly Ideas That Work.

Are you in need of a portable/modular exhibit? Contact us. Continue reading

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Designer’s Advice for Exhibit Refurbishment & Retrofitting

Group Delphi retrofitted these 45 sq. ft. newsstands into food retail outlets.

Group Delphi retrofitted these 45 sq. ft. newsstands into food retail outlets.

Refurbishing an existing trade show exhibit or environment can be a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to update your trade show marketing program.

An award-winning designer with more than 16 years experience, Chris Radovich, senior creative director at Group Delphi, was one of 10 leading industry experts asked to contribute to Exhibitor Magazine’s Ten by 10 on the topic of trade show exhibit refurbishment. Read on for the Q&A with Chris.

Do you think refurbishment can serve as an alternative to a new exhibit build?
“Graphics and lighting are one way to refresh the look of an aging exhibit, but that simple modification works best if the exhibit’s structure is cost-effective to modify, or was designed to be modified for future use.”

What are the pros of exhibit refurbishment?
“Refurbishing a trade show exhibit can be more environmentally friendly and sometimes less expensive than building new exhibit – but this depends on the underlying structure.” Continue reading

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EDPA Certifies Group Delphi for Outstanding Operational Practices and Industry Expertise

The EDPA certifies that Group Delphi meets the industry association’s most stringent of business standards.

Leading exhibit design and production house Group Delphi today announces that it has achieved the official Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) RFP Certification, which was awarded after an independent, third-party review of the company.

Functioning as a “Good Housekeeping Seal” for the exhibits industry, the EDPA pre-screened Group Delphi on the basis of business integrity, capabilities and operational practices. The EDPA RFP Certification assures prospective clients that Group Delphi consistently upholds best practices when it comes to ethics, industry experience, fiscal responsibility and operational methodology. The certification program was launched earlier this year in response to an industry survey of corporate trade show exhibitors that revealed a desire for more transparency and consistency during the RFP process. Group Delphi joins a small group of companies that have received the certification to date. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Thoughts of Gratitude & Gluttony

GratitudeJournal-esollaWe want to say “thank you” to our clients and vendors, who often seem like our friends and family. It is with you we share our successes and challenges, and to whom we owe our livelihood. We hope that your long-weekend is filled with grateful hearts and an abundance of good living.

In the spirit of “gratitude and gluttony,” we asked a few Group Delphi employees to answer two questions:

Gratitude: “What are you grateful for?”
“This is my favorite holiday of the year as in brings together two very important ideas. First, the idea of gathering with friends and family for no propose other than to give and receive gratitude. Second, I also love the celebration of the bounty of the harvest for it is both physically true — a groaning table ladened with wonderful food — but also as a metaphor for all the wonderful things that happen throughout the course of the year. For this I am grateful.” – Justin Hersh, CEO

“I’m really grateful for my cat, Bastian, right now. He is the perfect man-cat! Gives me love and attention, cuddles, is ever-loyal—and all I have to do is feed him from a can.” – Cari Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing

“I am grateful for endorphins, the brain’s naturally occurring narcotic. When the craziness of the trade show industry throws me a curve, I head for the gym and workout hard, then wait… The endorphin rush gives me the attitude to take whatever comes my way and keep me positive!” – Rose Faler, Account Director
Continue reading

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Trade Show Exhibit Pre-Wire Plan Saves On-site Labor Hours

Hubbell Lighting 40'x80' exhibit

Group Delphi redesigned Hubbell Lighting’s trade show exhibit wiring plan for 110 light fixtures.

Group Delphi’s newest client, Hubbell Lighting, had 30 days before LightFair West 2014 to rewire and install 110 complex light fixtures in 8 zones of their 40’x80’ exhibit.

Complex? Yes. Tight turnaround? Yes. But we rise to the challenge. Working around the clock, our veteran electricians completely rethought Hubbell Lighting’s wiring plan.

To make onsite set-up smooth and simple, we pre-wired the exhibit and conducted Q/A tests before the trade show. Heading to the show with a redesigned wiring plan, relabeled properties and new set of instructions, Hubbell Lighting was able to cut 100 hours of electrician and carpenter labor, save over $15,000 in onsite labor costs, and set-up the exhibit in 4 days instead of 7. Continue reading

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Integrating Interactive Media & AV Systems in Renovated Landmark

The landmark Reunion Tower reopened with new cutting edge digital media and AV systems.

The landmark Reunion Tower in Dallas, TX, reopened with new cutting edge digital media and AV systems.

Reunion Tower, a landmark of the Dallas skyline, was on track to reopen their observation deck for the first time after six years. Working with Woodbine Development Corp., an environment design by Gensler, interactive media by Stimulant, and AV integration and show controls by Group Delphi, the new tower would create atmospheric experiences using video, sound and lighting, and have cutting edge multi-touch interactive media displays to explore the sights from the renovated observation deck.

In the event space above the observation deck, the ceiling of the Big Sky Lounge is embedded with 17 monitors that play a video loop creating the atmospheres of sunny, stormy, and rainy skies. The effect is enhanced by LED lighting in the ceiling and walls that changes color in synch with the video.

Continue reading

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Cirque du Soleil Acrobats and Animators Perform With Technology in 40’x50′ Exhibit

Cirque du Soleil acrobats interacted with technology and people in SuccessFactors' exhibit.

Cirque du Soleil acrobats interacted with technology and people in SuccessFactors’ exhibit.

At HR Tech 2013, SuccessFactors’ exhibit grabbed attention with over-the-top activities like Cirque du Soleil acrobats, a photo booth, a rock climbing wall and Reggie Jackson signing autographs. But the activities — exciting as they were — had no connection between each other or to the exhibit’s theme. For 2014, SuccessFactors came to Group Delphi with the challenge of creating an experience with “creative wow” that would top the previous year’s exhibit and tied into their theme, “Start anywhere. Go everywhere.”

Inspired by the Cirque du Soleil performers, Group Delphi created an experience in which the acrobats interacted with technology and people throughout the 40’x50′ exhibit. In a key location  at the entrance, SuccessFactors’ exhibit had a huge wall that filled the viewpoint of people entering the Mandalay Bay trade show hall. Projectors and video driven LED wash lights made a huge 30’ projection screen for an impressive initial impact that played presentations or a performance for the acrobats. Continue reading

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Emerging Trade Show Exhibiting Industry Trends in 2015

Exhibit City News interviewed CEO Justin Hersh about trade show industry trends in 2015.

Exhibit City News interviewed CEO Justin Hersh about emerging trends for the trade show industry in 2015.

What’s the future of face-to-face marketing in 2015? Exhibit City News sat down with Group Delphi CEO Justin Hersh to discuss emerging trends for the trade show and events industry in 2015.

Justin cited the “2014 Marketing Outlook” study by B2B Magazine to show that money spent on traditional marketing mediums like television, print and direct mail are flattening out while the second largest area of growth in media spending is on events. This suggests that events, trade shows and other face-to-face marketing mediums will be in higher demand and interest in 2015. The study’s largest area of growth is digital, but Justin says that “events are a more valuable channel where brands can connect more intimately with consumers in a face-to-face setting… They bring intellectual capital and engagement to the tradeshow experience.”

Want to read more? Check out the article Emerging industry trends and best practices for 2015 by Exhibit City News.

Exhibit City News featured Group Delphi earlier this year. From breaking ground to hiring new employees, Exhibit City News took the opportunity to sit down with Justin for a discussion on Group Delphi’s growth in national profile and prominence for their feature, Group Delphi Doubles in Size and Precision.

Growing Manufacturing Jobs & Capabilities in Fort Wayne, IN

For the past 4 months, crews have worked tirelessly to build our new 200,000 sq. ft. facility.

With plans to double our staff over the next three years, Group Delphi grows our footprint from 125,000 square feet to about 200,000 square feet.

Since 2013, our Fort Wayne staff has expanded from about 35 employees to more than 50 employees in 2014. We have grown-up in our current Fort Wayne site and it served us well until now — we have literally grown up and out of space! With plans to double our staff over the next three years, we broke ground on a new space that would increase our footprint from 125,000 square feet to just over 200,000 square feet. The expansion will alleviate the tight quarters for our staff and allow us to take on more work. Only four months after steel was first erected, the exterior of the building is almost entirely enclosed and the exterior concrete and asphalt is also in the last stages. Continue reading

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