Eaton Corporation- Vehicle Group

For almost a century, Eaton has been supplying the trucking industry with products designed to increase profitability and to improve vehicle performance and power. For IAA 2012, the challenge was to provide the European region with kiosks showcasing Eaton’s products, to educate the European market, and to create global brand unification. Group Delphi’s initial meeting with Eaton North America was mid-June 2012 and the kiosks had to ship at the end of August to clear customs. The actual build-to-ship time was 24 days, and that included fabricating the kiosks and show finishing of transmissions and clutches, fabrication of crates and the production of 28 graphics. Plus, there was just a month to create 14 media programs that required working globally to secure content. Collaborating across three time zones and navigating the cultural and political concerns on two continents added to the pressure. At Group Delphi, everyone understood what needed to be done, and everyone was dedicated and committed to Eaton’s success. The results were stunning!

International Exhibiting

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  • Starlinger
  • Accelex Bank of Tokyo
  • Vitec Group
  • I.T.S.
  • Medtronic
  • Applied Materials
  • Disney Publishing Worldwide
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