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Group Delphi has extensive international capabilities and outstanding success in international markets. We believe that traditional borders are outdated. We understand that marketplace perceptions determine your trade show reality—no matter where those markets are. Group Delphi does not believe exhibiting outside the U.S. should be mysterious or cost-prohibitive. Global exhibiting, like the global economy, is simply part of the way we do business today. Your trade show exhibit has to be wherever you want to sell your products and services. Our designers and project managers are well versed in working in the global market place, and our collaboration with our overseas colleagues is outstanding and has withstood the test of time.

As part of our regular service to our domestic clients, we bring their exhibit programs overseas, maintaining brand consistency and excellence. At the same time, we are able to bring the same level of services to companies based outside the U.S. when they exhibit in this country.

Global exhibiting requires not only business savvy but also cultural sensitivity. Being prepared to do business in another culture is important and often turns out to be what separates a successful exhibit program from a waste of money, time and effort. Group Delphi is sensitive to cultural expectations and realizes that culturally based service is part of a successful exhibiting experience. We take initiatives based on cultural understanding and the evolution of marketing in a particular

country by studying trends in a particular culture to deliver real value. We are aware and respectful of compliance and legal issues that impact exhibiting (e.g., EU Privacy laws) and provide value beyond borders.

When Group Delphi undertakes an international project, we determine:

  • The nature of the fair
  • The labor environment before and after the fair
  • The limitations of the venue
  • The possibilities offered by the venue, by the organizer
  • The expectations of the attendees
  • The expectations of the exhibitors
  • The mandates for the exhibitor’s brand consistency

Our capabilities and integrated approach provide the resources to oversee complex, multi-show, trade show programs all over the world.

With two full service production facilities and sales offices in the U.S., an office in
Paris, and strategic partners throughout Europe and Asia, we know how to maximize your investment and contribute to your global event marketing success.

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Examples of our International Exhibiting Work

  • Coway
  • Starlinger
  • Bank of Tokyo
  • Vitec Group
  • I.T.S.
  • Medronic
  • Applied Materials
  • Disney Publishing Worldwide
  • AMS
  • MTS
  • Hologic
  • Eaton