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Needless to say, this pop-up retail installation for Nike had to be innovative, super cool and have a wow factor that was off the charts. They needed us to provide...

T-Mobile retail store design experiential Group Delphi


T-Mobile was opening a signature store in the heart of San Francisco. The T-Mobile retail environment was to be a 7,600-square-feet-of-selling-space tribute to a mobile industry leader with the latest...


Pop up shop

What Does Pop-Up Shop Mean?

Marketers live on a veritable word salad of terminology and sitting right on top like a cherry tomato is the increasingly ubiquitous term, “pop-up.” Given ...Read More

Catching Up on Experiential Marketing for Cannabis

Verdant displays of flowers and foliage spill out of quaint wooden huts and brightly-painted vans. Stepping up to the interactive scent wall, you inhale vanilla ...Read More
T-Mobile retail environment design Group Delphi

When Music Marries Technology: Meet the T-Mobile Sound Booth

Imagine you are Larry Parypa of The Sonics, standing in a sound booth, ready to record the birth of punk rock. Or you are Diana ...Read More

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