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Our story begins in the theater and the spirit of the stage infuses everything we do. We’re show-people and creativity is our calling card.

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We’ve enjoyed 30 years engineering awe and shaping moments into memories for name brands like yours.

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We know what’s next in exhibit design because we set the trend. We’re leaders in our industry, known for our originality and dramatic results.


Toyota Experience Center

The Toyota Experience Center (TEC) celebrates the illustrious past of Toyota’s automotive ingenuity in North America and offers an inspiring look into the future of automotive innovation. Group Delphi worked...

Automation Anywhere: SSOW 2019

Automation Anywhere is the robotic process automation (RPA) pioneer on a mission to elevate workers’ productivity and happiness. Since 2015, Group Delphi has partnered with Automation Anywhere to create memorable...


Group Delphi Expands Production Capabilities With Large-Format 3D Printing

A large-format 3D printer is capable of printing life-size objects, whether it’s a detailed dinosaur, a lightweight car engine, a seamless statue celebrating women in ...Read More

Event Marketers at Home: How to Make Your Home Office a Space That Inspires

Much of the global population has made the shift to working from home and working longer hours as a result. With this in mind, we’ve ...Read More

Why Core Values Are Your Most Powerful Brand Message

Brands don’t exist in a vacuum. Whether you’re a business with Main St. storefronts or an all-online service, your brand is part of a community. ...Read More

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