How to Sell Your Trade Show Concepts to Your Sales Team

You are the keeper of your brand, the person who understands the most important minutiae of your offering — from its voice and look to the essence of its unique...
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Planning Your Next Experiential Marketing Event? 4 Essential Considerations

Nobody wants marketing. We want experiences. As a culture inundated with messaging, we’ve grown inured to the hard sell. Instead, we need to architect experiences that authentically intrigue and delight...
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Group Delphi Zund Cutter

A Second Christmas at Fort Wayne: Meet Group Delphi’s New Zünd Cutter

A miracle happened this month at Group Delphi’s Midwest location. Fort Wayne’s graphics department enjoyed a second Christmas, when it welcomed its new Zünd G3, a state-of-the-art cutter that epitomizes...
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How to Get Awe-Inspiring Experiential Design

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” – Jack Kerouac Marketing walks a stressful line between the road and reality. Experiential...
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Opera painting

A Night at the Opera with Group Delphi Painter Jon Altemus

There’s a revolution taking place in opera, and the Bay Area –and Group Delphi’s own Jon Altemus –are right in the heart of it. The big houses still score high...
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Negative Brand Experience Feedback

Negative Brand Experience Feedback? Use it to Improve Your Overall Program

So, you had a bad show. “That branded experience was boring, and our shows didn’t net us any clear results,” says your team. Ouch. Negative feedback hurts, but you can...
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Pop up shop

What Does Pop-Up Shop Mean?

Marketers live on a veritable word salad of terminology and sitting right on top like a cherry tomato is the increasingly ubiquitous term, “pop-up.” Given the Cambrian-like explosion of various...
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Catching Up on Experiential Marketing for Cannabis

Verdant displays of flowers and foliage spill out of quaint wooden huts and brightly-painted vans. Stepping up to the interactive scent wall, you inhale vanilla cake. You travel through the...
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T-Mobile retail environment design Group Delphi

When Music Marries Technology: Meet the T-Mobile Sound Booth

Imagine you are Larry Parypa of The Sonics, standing in a sound booth, ready to record the birth of punk rock. Or you are Diana Ross, stepping into a Motown...
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5 Winter Travel Tips from Your Trade Show Professionals

You step outside the terminal, breathe in a lung-full of diesel fuel exhaust, and think: Wow, it’s cold, and I didn’t pack gloves. Don’t despair—just because the moisture in your...
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