experiential marketing

When Experiential Marketing Meets Experimental Learning

Last year, healthy lifestyle trade group New Hope Network captured a quote salient to experiential marketers in any industry: “Learning is an experience and everything else is just information,” says...
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trade shows relevant in the digital age

Are Trade Shows Relevant in the Digital Age? More Than Ever

It seems almost de rigeur to impugn the efficacy of trade shows in this gilded age of digital marketing. And yet, trade shows continue to thrive, in part, because of...
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corporate environment design

Corporate Environment Design Done Right (with Legos)

There’s that cliché about making a good first impression (oh no, you get one chance!) and for most companies that begins the moment a visitor walks through the door. From...
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museum exhibit design

Museum Exhibit Design and the Selfie

In 2013, the term “selfie” was ushered into the Oxford English Dictionary codifying both the word and the practice as part of our everyday lives. That “selfie” beat “schmeat” — the...
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brand story

Taking a Cue from Hollywood: Does Your Brand Story Have a Sequel?

Here’s a thought experiment: Inasmuch as “storytelling” is an oft-bandied notion in marketing circles this past decade, not a lot gets said about stories in relation to one another. Consider...
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customer experience and experiential marketing

The Customer Experience and Experiential Marketing

“If your brand were an airline, would you be Southwest or American?” We put this question to a client as an afternoon discovery session wound down. Without missing a beat,...
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sound branding trade shows

Sound Branding Trade Shows: What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

Whether you call it sound branding, audio branding, sonic branding, or even acoustic branding — do you know what your brand sounds like? The answer may be as simple as...
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Should You Have a Trade Show Micro-Influencer In Your Booth?

A micro-influencer isn’t a small person who wields outsized power, like, say, a toddler or Lord Farquaad in Shrek. They’re online personalities who have a ton of social media followers in...
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Thinking Outside the Trade Show: Alternative Venues

Back in the 90s, an “alternative venue” is where you went when your band couldn’t get a gig anywhere else. Given the myriad pop-ups and mixed-use spaces available to marketers...
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Telling Stories Through Tech: Experiential Marketing Goes Digital

As sci-fi Arthur C. Clarke once famously opined, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” These days, the ubiquity of technology and our relative comfort with it creates an...
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