Thinking of Your Brand Storytelling as an Experience

brand storytelling

If you’re in marketing, you’ve probably found yourself on LinkedIn deliberating whether or not to include “storyteller” in your profile. “Storytelling” is the cliché-slash-truism responsible for many an online identity crisis but its also a fact of life these days — because it works — but not necessarily in the way a lot of marketers think it does.

Brand Storytelling is Experience

Sure, stories reflect experiences and experiences connect us to each other, and sharing is caring and so forth but if you don’t have a story-worthy experience, who cares? In short, stories are experiences — yours, ours, real, or imagined. They provide an individual, vicarious experience while transmitting culturally valuable information. What makes experiential marketing so effective is when a story draws leads someone into a first-hand experience which that becomes their’s to share. And the cycle repeats.

Start Early

Your story doesn’t begin with “Once upon a time.” It begins in the micro-moments that add up to the full experience of your brand. Every touch point, from social media posts and ads to emails and newsletters, should cohere to and support your brand story. Ultimately, this should culminate in a real-life branded experience that conforms to, rewards, and amplifies and its preceding elements.

It’s a Journey

Like any story, it’s a journey. Start it early with smaller elements, tease your audience, foreshadow things to come. Think of the excitement generated by a movie trailer. 90-seconds can goad audiences into turning over their time and money for an experience that’s 100 times as long. Break your experience into breadcrumbs and begin the trail that is the customer journey.

To that end, make it easy to follow and move into the next level. Whether that’s finding your exhibit at a trade show or obtaining a downloadable asset that piqued you interest. Keep your audience moving through their journey with as little friction as possible or risk their disengagement. If they stay on the path a happy ending will always be in sight.

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