Sound Branding Trade Shows: What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

sound branding trade shows

Whether you call it sound branding, audio branding, sonic branding, or even acoustic branding — do you know what your brand sounds like?

The answer may be as simple as “It sounds like whatever Spotify playlist I left playing in the trade show booth.”


Your brand deserves its own signature sound. At least that’s what practitioners of sound branding believe. And science backs them up. Research presented at the 2012 Audio Branding Congress (yes, there is such a thing), found that “congruent sound cues can increase the speed of a visual search for products (a key for success in both online and retail settings)” according to the Harvard Business Review.

Branded Sounds Are Everywhere

Why is sound becoming increasingly important to marketers? As Michele Arnese of amp, a leading sound branding agency recently told German marketing magazine WuV, “Over time, trends — technology trends in particular — have contributed to the fact that brand loyalty is now influenced by a lot more than just visuals. Sound has an immense potential to connect to consumers through emotions — even across channels.”

Arnese points to the rise of voice-enabled technology (think Siri and Alexa) and the ecosystem of sounds their navigation necessitates. Sound not only aids interactivity, it shapes the emotional landscape in which your brand is experienced. It primes how those interfacing with your brand will feel. If you’ve ever watched a movie with the sound off, you instantly realize how much a film’s score accentuates its emotional cues. Having a soundtrack for your exhibit or installation could yield the same effect.

When it comes to sound branding trade shows, HelloWorld’s Ben Brown explained to Marketing World that a “Brand ‘sounds’ are successful when they provoke recognition, stir positive emotion and capture a unique identity.”

Moreover, Brown explains his own brand utilized sound to deepen the immersive quality of his attendees’ experience. Could sound branding trade shows work for you?

If you’re of sound mind and booth, check out This is Not a Booth for trade show inspiration and a comprehensive budget guide here!

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