Small is the New Big: When Small Trade Show Booth Design Makes Sense


In a world of pop-ups and fast-moving emerging markets — we’re talking to you, tech industry — a small trade show booth design can help you take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities that traditional, larger exhibits simply can’t. It may seem counterintuitive but a “small” strategy can lead to big results.

Small = More Opportunities

Many shows have expanded beyond the traditional convention center venue, showing up in hotels, gardens, and museums. A traditional 50×50-foot space may not fit in these trendy, non-traditional locations. Keeping your space smaller allows you to access otherwise inaccessible venues, opening up your business to new audiences.

Small = Less Risk

As you are looking to expand your business, you may want to try new shows. But it can be a risk to invest in a complex, expensive display, only to discover you have targeted the wrong audience. A small design can give you the opportunity to evaluate the market and make a great first impression — before you make the big investment in a larger space. Also, you won’t be hindered by distant ship dates and the risk that your exhibit gets hung up in transit.

Small = Savings

A smaller space that is less expensive and more mobile means more interactions, which then translates into more eyes on your business. And the more people who see your products, the more products you’re able to market.

Our recent work with Slack as its experiential marketing partner encapsulates all the benefits of a small yet highly-effective display. Creating a space for Dreamforce, the award-winning, sold-out conference from Salesforce, we kept the exhibit simple and elegant.

Showcased by a living wall lined with plants set atop a natural wood backdrop, we offered a calming, clutter-free, and highly-mobile exhibit to draw in visitors. Our draw was to bring nature indoors, a “natural” fit for the intuitive software company.

A large screen displayed energizing cartoons, staging a light-hearted motif with some of the world’s bigger brands. The space was cozy, drawing visitors in for a relaxed, engaging conversation with the Slack team. In addition to being named one of Radius’ “Top 10 Booths at Dreamforce 2016,” our work with Slack took home a Silver for Best Trade Show Experience at Event Market’s Ex Awards.

As we like to say, no small feat.

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