6 Ways to Bring Wellness to Your Trade Show Booth

Would you like some SoulCycle with your oat milk latte? Or how about some guided meditation before you get lost in the crowd at CES? These ideas aren’t as far-fetched...
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An Omni-Channel Marketing Exhibition by Mickey Mouse

Have you ever been so excited by a product that you pictured it hurtling through the walls at you? Look no further, because an innovative new exhibit in New York...
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Three Takeaways from Lightfair International 2018

Lightfair International 2018 is a wrap. Bringing the best innovation from the lighting world together in the South Halls of Chicago’s McCormick Place, the show was a glimmering glimpse of...
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Quizzes and Polls: Customer Data Beyond Blue Skies

Customer data is like forecasting the weather. When done with skill, it offers a telling glimpse of what’s on the next front. When done poorly, it can result in a...
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trade show marketing success

Trade Show Marketing Success: Do You Feel Lucky?

Face-to-face marketing is inherently unpredictable, but “Fingers crossed” and “Wish me luck” won’t earn you the favor of the Trade Show gods. The key to trade show marketing success is...
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Trade Show Marketers: Do you feel lucky?

Trade Show Marketers: Do You Feel Lucky? (Part 1 of 2)

You already know that the heart of memorable marketing is authentic connection, and nothing forges a stronger link with trade show marketers and customers than face-to-face moments at events. But...
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A Painting a Day: Group Delphi Scenic Artist’s Creative Challenge

Group Delphi is less a “9-to-5” and more a collection of artists that work together. With painters, wood and metal workers, sculptors, experience designers, graphic artists and a digital media...
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Group Delphi’s Experiential Jungle at Exhibitorlive 2016!

“The trade show world is a wild and unpredictable environment, rife with pitfalls that threaten your bottom line and your reputation. Make no mistake: It’s a jungle out there.” Positioning...
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As Seen in Exhibit City News: SuccessFactors Engages Booth Visitors with Acrobats & Aliens

They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and no one knows that better than Group Delphi’s Director of Client Strategy, Charlene Soelter. For its first...
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Group Delphi CEO: Secrets to Creating a Jaw-Dropping Exhibit Every Time!

$25 billion. That is the annual spend on events in the United States. Today, there is more pressure than ever before on each of those dollars to drive consideration and...
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