6 Ways to Bring Wellness to Your Trade Show Booth


Would you like some SoulCycle with your oat milk latte? Or how about some guided meditation before you get lost in the crowd at CES? These ideas aren’t as far-fetched as they seem – the wellness industry is becoming a major player in the world of experiential marketing.

As Event Marketer reports, “From farm-to-table, to juicing to shakes, to essential oils, boot camps, spin and meditation, the health and wellness space is expanding rapidly—into the home, into the workplace, and into live events.” Even brands like PepsiCo and Michelob (which you might not associate with eternal health) are riding the trendy wellness wave, offering pop-up fitness events to promote their subsidiary brands like Propel Water and the low-carb, low-calorie Michelob ULTRA.

But as brands, should they play a role in what Adweek calls “an individual’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, and spiritual health?”
It’s true that wellness has been co-opted as something chic and aspirational, a lifestyle marketed to those who can afford the expensive, organic accoutrement it often requires. But there’s a wide spectrum of intensity to the wellness industry, starting with healthier choices and possibly ending with Gwyneth Paltrow, where a brand can comfortably and responsibly find their place.

Everyone wants to be healthy. Everyone wants to feel better. In the vast space between booth babes and bone broth, marketing wellness can be done authentically, offering a healthy hospitality which sends a message to your customers that you care.

Scents and Sensibility

Be it baked cookies, flowers, or even diffused essential oils, scent can add a calming or energizing element to your booth. Studies indicate up to a 40 percent improvement in mood when one is exposed to a pleasant fragrance.

As Meghan McMahon, Chief Marketing Officer of Aroma360, a scent marketing and branding company, recently shared, “By creating a scent that can be tied to a memorable time, a brand can make a customer connect its scent to a positive experience. This way, each time the scent is detected it will evoke enjoyable memories tied to that scent and associate that brand with these good feelings.”

Simple Spa

If you happened to catch us at the CEMA Summit 2018, you would have seen our Inspiration Lounge. We included a Refresh Station to give attendees a breather from the bustle with facial mists, blotting pads, and refreshing mints on their way to the next session. Spa amenities like cucumber water and hot towels to wipe hands are easy, thoughtful additions.

“It’s an inexpensive way to acknowledge attendees’ personal and wellness needs,” shares Ashley Welling, Group Delphi’s Marketing Engagement Manager. “It can be a subtle touch that lets them know you thought about them when you designed the space.”

Fitness First

Promotional items are a commonality of booths, but you can easily make yours all about the attendee. “Think about supplying branded pedometers on site,” says Katie Bottrell, Group Delphi’s VP of Marketing and Growth.

Meet the Mixologist

Hospitality is key for a positive booth experience, and what better than to offer your attendees a drink? “I’ve noticed a recent trend of having a mixologist at a booth,” shares Miguel Sedano, Group Delphi’s Digital Marketing Manager. “Use a healthier option, like a juice or smoothie maker.”

Sound and Light

Aromatherapy isn’t the only way to create a welcoming, restful space. Mimicking natural light in your booth can help as well. There are specific lighting features and bulbs that are said to have mood-lifting effects.

Sleep. Just Sleep.

Any grown-human agrees that napping is an elixir of the Gods, sent to Earth to satiate us into more agreeable, functional beings. Think about partnering with a mattress company to offer a nap lounge for a cozy, sleep experience. Your attendees will thank you in zzz’s.

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