How to Get Awe-Inspiring Experiential Design

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.” – Jack Kerouac

Marketing walks a stressful line between the road and reality. Experiential design, on the other hand, can drive sales and improve ROI without yielding to expensive fads and ephemeral trends.

Unlike other mediums, experiential design gives you the unique opportunity to connect face-to-face with your audience. In doing so, you can give them something unexpected, a personal taste of your brand that leaves them excited for more.

Get Immersive

Invite your guests to disengage with the everyday and connect on an emotional level with your story. In a recent installation for a T-Mobile signature store in San Francisco, we fabricated, managed, and installed a fully-realized environment, reminiscent of a recording studio at the zenith of rock and roll.

Thousands used their smartphones to connect to wireless audio devices featured on wooden shelves lining glass walls. We employed LED-panels to guide guests through the experience. In the end, we took visitors off the showroom floor and brought them through the experience of T-Mobile’s innovation.

Get Interactive

Design your space around the conversations you want to have. It can be as simple as one-on-one chats with experts among high-top tables or plush couches. Or consider branded games to bring people together, educate them, and get them involved.

For our work with Automation Anywhere at SSOW 2018, we designed a space to showcase the ways robotic technology can work for you. After walking through a video-tiled archway of falling water, attendees crossed a bridge featuring a kaleidoscope of interactive elements. Visitors were enveloped in all the latest technology, showcasing the ways attendees can use bots to drastically improve workflow.

Get Inspiring

Sometimes, the best way to inspire is to focus on your greatest asset—your people. Emotionally engage your guests with positive messages, content, and staff, and you’ll leave them thinking about your brand long after they’ve left the show floor.

We recently worked with Slack, the cloud-based communication platform, to create an experience for Dreamforce, the award-winning, sold out conference by Salesforce.

We created a simple, well-designed space utilizing a living wall lined with plants on top of a natural wood backdrop. The tranquil environment drew in visitors as they spoke with Slack representatives. We set the stage for more in-depth discussion and meaningful connections, catching the attention of thousands during the four-day event.

True connection doesn’t come from a beautiful booth, or tech-du-jour, or even shock value. Know the people you’re selling to so you can design an experience just for them.

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