Trade Show Exhibit Pre-Wire Plan Saves On-site Labor Hours

Group Delphi’s newest client, Hubbell Lighting, had 30 days before LightFair West 2014 to rewire and install 110 complex light fixtures in 8 zones of their 40’x80’ exhibit.

Complex? Yes. Tight turnaround? Yes. But we rise to the challenge. Working around the clock, our veteran electricians completely rethought Hubbell Lighting’s wiring plan.

To make onsite set-up smooth and simple, we pre-wired the exhibit and conducted Q/A tests before the trade show. Heading to the show with a redesigned wiring plan, relabeled properties and new set of instructions, Hubbell Lighting was able to cut 100 hours of electrician and carpenter labor, save over $15,000 in onsite labor costs, and set-up the exhibit in 4 days instead of 7.

We also wired the exhibit to give the booth staff greater control of the 110 light fixtures during demonstrations. The individual light fixtures were wired so that they could be independently dimmed and brightened. For a look and feel that took you away from the feel of a Home Depot store, our designers made the light fixtures come to life in front of backgrounds of places where the lights could live.

Who worked on this project? As one of Group Delphi’s first employees, Deneb Irvin has worked for Group Delphi for more than 20 years. He is our master electrician whose roots stem from his college days as a techie theater geek.


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