An Omni-Channel Marketing Exhibition by Mickey Mouse


Have you ever been so excited by a product that you pictured it hurtling through the walls at you? Look no further, because an innovative new exhibit in New York City will make sure you don’t miss out. To celebrate the Mouse’s 90th birthday, Disney has created “Mickey: The True Original Exhibition,” a new immersive omni-channel marketing exhibition celebrating the incredible reach of Disney products, presenting them with enough nostalgia to melt the hearts of even the meanest Disney witch.

“Mickey: The True Original” is a fun, fully-immersive look at the history of Mickey and friends, coupled with a collection of merchandise dating back to the 1930s. There’s a tribute to “Fantasia,” a re-creation of the 1990’s Mickey Mouse Clubroom, (sadly, sans Ryan Gosling,) and yes, even a sculptural piece where Mickey Mouse looks like he’s about to break through the wall.

Adweek reports it is a “16,000 square-foot immersive exhibition [where] visitors can walk through various rooms and view works of art inspired by Mickey’s 90-year history, like Sorcerer’s Way and the Cosmic Cavern, as well as purchase exclusive merchandise.” And speaking of merchandise, the exhibitors allow viewers to observe decades of Disney items, including Sinola watches, Mickey via Vans shoes, and more.

Another way to view this massive exhibition is to consider how it showcases Walt Disney’s utter genius at omni-channel marketing. If Walt Disney is the father of omni-channel marketing, then California’s Disneyland surely its castle in the skies. When Disney developed his idea for what is essentially the first family theme park, he did so to allow his fans to interact with his creations in a curated experience.

On July 17, 1955, Disney opened a “metropolis of nostalgia, fantasy and futurism,” on 160 acres of a former orange grove in Anaheim, California. Previous to this opening, Disney was already a household name with the successes of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” (1938), “Pinocchio” (1940), “Dumbo” (1942), and “Bambi” (1942). Walt intended the park to be an educational experience for both adults and children, and it soon became a huge tourist destination.

The good news? Even if you don’t have an epic corporation with decades of nostalgia working for you, you can still attain the omni-channel success to which you aspire. Look around at other brands you respect to see how they branch out in different modes yet maintain a cohesive experience. A world-class experiential partner will know your brand as if it is their own, ensuring you can tell a cohesive story across all formats.

There’s no reason you can’t wish upon a star and make all your marketing dreams come true.

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