Integrating Digital Media in Trane’s 50’x65′ Trade Show Exhibit at AHR 2015


While Apple is mastering the smart phone and Google is driving the smart car, companies like Trane are making our buildings smarter.

Trane’s technical innovations are leading the way for energy-saving solutions. Their high-tech heating and air conditioning systems can be controlled wirelessly and are integrated with lighting and security systems that can be monitored online and by mobile devices. These smart systems increase efficiency in infrastructures ranging from multi-building campuses to single-family homes.

Our Goal: For AHR 2015, our goal was to showcase Trane’s technical innovation and position them well beyond just an HVAC product manufacturer. Trane needed to start conversations with attendees and demonstrate their capabilities.

How We Did It: To show how Trane’s systems could power an American city, Group Delphi created a miniature cityscape – a fully digital and physical world in the middle of the 50’ x 65’ exhibit. Four skyscrapers and two suburban residential homes were embedded with video monitors that completed the façade of the buildings. The cityscape was an attention grabber that piqued the curiosity of attendees and drew people in from a distance.

The video screens were embedded in the skyscrapers and home could be controlled from a user-friendly touchscreen kiosks where the user could choose from storylines that illustrated how Trane worked in the real world.

One storyline demonstrated how Trane’s systems activate when people arrive to work in the morning. The media played out the scenario of the first person arriving to the skyscraper’s front doors, then how the lights and temperatures were only activated in the rooms he walked through. As more people arrived to work, Trane’s systems would only activate for the rooms in use, showing how the systems make a large building’s operations more energy efficient.

As a result, Trane was able to generate interest on the show floor and easily demonstrate how their high-tech systems improve sustainability and comfort through integrated systems.

Group Delphi’s Executive Producer of Digital Content Shannon Densmore is described as a “vibrant force in the digital media industry.” Trane’s exhibit was designed and fabricated at our West Coast facility in Alameda, CA. See below for the pre-production pics.

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