Can Artists and Trade Show Exhibits Truly Co-Exist?

artists and trade show exhibits

During a recent riff session, a question arose as to whether or not artists and trade show exhibits could truly co-exist. Within moments, we reframed the question: “When have they not coexisted?” The fact is, since our inception in 1989, the team has been comprised of artists across a variety of disciplines — each vital.  

It stands to reason, since we began as the go-to scenic design shop for San Francisco Bay Area theater productions. Keep in mind, prior to the rise of the Bay Area as a technology center, it had (and still does have) a thriving live performance scene. An early iteration of Group Delphi was there — from epochal productions at Berkeley Rep to “had to be there” rock shows with the legendary Bill Graham Presents. Such experiences permanently imprinted the arts into on our DNA.

Creativity is an energy that can’t be made or destroyed — it can only be harnessed. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together — but it’s not like the Force from Star Wars.

Creativity is more like the emergence that occurs when dense networks of influence and interest converge and synergize into something that wasn’t there before. Three decades ago, Group Delphi began to deploy this energy into new spaces, particularly trade show exhibits where there was a relative dearth of artistry.

This is why we’ve always worked well with other creative companies like Pixar and top-tier consumer electronics good manufacturers. Interestingly, it’s why we also alchemize well with companies that don’t necessarily wear artistic creativity on their sleeve. Art doesn’t need to be in your brand proposition to benefit you. Think of it as right and left brains working together. Frankly, where would one be without the other?

So, back to the riff: Can artists and trade show exhibits truly co-exist? Yes, we say. Always have, always will.

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