Fostering Creativity: Berklee College of Music Visits Group Delphi


Creativity isn’t just part of the product at Group Delphi; it’s the core strand in our DNA. That’s why we welcome any opportunity to encourage creatives, help them advance their careers — and when possible, invite them to check out what we do.

Our recent visit from the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship was just such an opportunity. Part of Berklee College of Music, one of the premier music and performing arts conservatories in the country, BerkleeICE equips its students for success in the ever-changing music industry by blending musical creativity and collaboration with innovative startup strategy.

To that end, BerkleeICE sends students from Boston to the Bay Area each January to experience cutting-edge developments in the tech and entertainment space. Along with visits to Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Dolby, and Playstation, this year the group ventured to Alameda for an afternoon with Group Delphi. Berklee has plans to develop a curriculum focused on experiential design, so our headquarters — a WWII airplane hangar overlooking San Francisco Bay — was the perfect place to explore the craft.

Justin Hersh, Delphi Founder and CEO, welcomed 30 Berklee students and staff with an overview of our approach to creating moments of wonder, awe, and connection for the world’s best brands.

The guests then took a facilities tour to see our process up-close. They met the Creative Services team that conceives Delphi’s award-winning experiential designs. The talented wood, metal, and CNC fabricators that bring those designs to life in branded installations across the globe. And the Scenic artists that add colorful detail to everything from trade show exhibits and branded events to retail environments and museums.

The Creative Thinking Mindset

The Berklee students called this year’s trip the best one yet.

“I found it fascinating to see the design process utilized to design a unique experience, rather than a product or service,” one of the students wrote upon her return home. “Group Delphi showed us that a background in music and arts is essential to generate the much-needed creative thinking mindset that allows this company to design engaging live experiences in wide-ranging environments such as museums and trade shows.”

Coincidentally, the students also saw a 365-piece collection of paintings that Jon Altemus, Delphi’s Scenic Exhibit Manager, created as a personal project. With one piece painted every day of 2017, the collection was the perfect way to demonstrate Delphi’s very special culture to the Berklee group. For Jon and the rest of Delphi’s talented team, creativity doesn’t stop when the job’s done; it’s the heart of everything we do.

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