Group Delphi Sponsors Vital CEIR Study

In marketing, the ability to forecast the future and act on trends in the competitive advantage we all want — and the one that’s hardest to capture. While the mad scientists in our R&D department haven’t cleared us to fire up the Group Delphi time machine just yet, we’re thrilled to partner with an organization that’s working on the next best thing.

The Center for Exhibition Research (CEIR) tirelessly researches, interviews and polls professionals in the exhibition industry (along with a host of others). They then analyze and mine valuable insights from this voluminous data, enabling marketers to see where exhibiting has been and where it’s going — and figure out how to win when we get there.

This summer, Group Delphi partnered with CEIR by sponsoring this year’s landmark annual study: “2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions.” The titles of the first four fact sheets from that study corroborate what we already know from experience:

  • Exhibitions Are Highly Valued in Achieving Marketing and Sales Objectives
  • Marketers Intend to Maintain or Expand Number of Exhibitions
  • Marketers Find Exhibitions an Essential Marketing and Sales Tactic
  • Exhibitions Deliver Unique Value Not Provided by Other Marketing Channels

Long story short: experiential is essential, unique, and growing fast.

Great news: CEIR’s not finished yet. The Center will continue to release more fact sheets from “2016 Changing Environment of Exhibitions” throughout the summer, making #CEIRsummer the best time to download, read up, and enjoy your own competitive advantage.

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