Justin Hersh speaks at E2MA’s 2015 Red Diamond Congress

2015 Red Diamond Congress

Group Delphi CEO Justin Hersh was a speaker at E2MA’s 2015 Red Diamond Congress. Here are some details of his plenary session that took place on July 22, 2015. Check back here for the video of his talk.

Watch Out the CMO is Coming!

5 Ways to Disrupt the Exhibit Space to Prepare

Famed marketing and business thinker, Seth Godin, encourages people, companies, and industries to make a “ruckus” – his slant on modern day disruption.   He describes a ruckus as an act as small as having – and sharing – a strong point of view to as big as what Godin calls “connecting the disconnected.”  This presentation showcased Justin Hersh’s strong point of view on what must be done in exhibit and event marketing programs to connect the disconnected now more than ever.

Topics he covered:

  • What you need to know about the changing landscape of marketing
  • How it effects your role today
  • What we need to do to evolve
  • Why we need to do it now


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