Emerging Trade Show Exhibiting Industry Trends

Exhibit City News interviewed CEO Justin Hersh about trade show industry trends in 2015.

Exhibit City News interviewed CEO Justin Hersh about emerging trends for the trade show industry in 2015.

What’s the future of face-to-face marketing in 2015? Exhibit City News sat down with Group Delphi CEO Justin Hersh to discuss emerging trends for the trade show and events industry in 2015.

Justin cited the “2014 Marketing Outlook” study by B2B Magazine to show that money spent on traditional marketing mediums like television, print and direct mail are flattening out while the second largest area of growth in media spending is on events. This suggests that events, trade shows and other face-to-face marketing mediums will be in higher demand and interest in 2015. The study’s largest area of growth is digital, but Justin says that “events are a more valuable channel where brands can connect more intimately with consumers in a face-to-face setting… They bring intellectual capital and engagement to the tradeshow experience.”

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Exhibit City News featured Group Delphi earlier this year. From breaking ground to hiring new employees, Exhibit City News took the opportunity to sit down with Justin for a discussion on Group Delphi’s growth in national profile and prominence for their feature, Group Delphi Doubles in Size and Precision.

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