Alexandre de Betak’s Galerie Gmurzynska Booth Burns Up FIAC

Alexandre de Betak's Booth "On Fire"

We love it when the worlds of art and tradeshows collide and emit a shower of inspiring sparks in the process. Such was the case this week with the opening of the 45th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC) when Zurich-based Galerie Gmurzynska revealed its spectacular red metal installation suggesting a retro-future, steampunk fire station.

The exhibit space, known as “On Fire,” was created by haute couture and exhibit design veteran Alexandre de Betak and, as Artsy observes, marks “an ambitious investigation into just how radically a fair booth can depart from the norm.”

The inspiration for the firehouse theme likely came from the content of the space, which includes fire-infused pieces by Yves Klein (“Fire Painting) and Johnny Pigozzi (cigarette smoking supermodels) among others. Thinking what Francoise Truffaut could have done with this set in his French New Wave Fahrenheit 451 adaptation will lead to hours of idle contemplation.

Hosted by the Grand Palais in Paris, the fair features 195 galleries from 27 different countries — all of which boast a booth — many of which are gorgeous — but none as hot, as it were, as Betak’s. Don’t get burned watching this:

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