Group Delphi Expands Production Capabilities With Large-Format 3D Printing

Group Delphi large-format 3D printing museum exhibits and signage

A large-format 3D printer is capable of printing life-size objects, whether it’s a detailed dinosaur, a lightweight car engine, a seamless statue celebrating women in STEM, or a billboard that leaps from its 2D graphic plane and over a city street.

From museum exhibits to retail installations, signage, and more, large-format 3D printing has the power to enhance the experiences we create for our audiences in scale and with detail that cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing. And now, Group Delphi has the technology to produce it all in-house.  

An eye for Innovation

From our founding over three decades ago, Group Delphi grew to become a company synonymous with exploring creative possibilities. Whether our explorative nature led us to launch rockets in the desert or simply create more efficient ways of building the experiences we produce every day, our eye toward the future always remained a steady gaze. 

Finding a printer that enhanced what we already do was key. Speeding up production times, printing with durable materials, and creating lightweight, detailed structures were critical features. The large-format 3D printer built by Massivit quickly moved to the top of the list. 

“It became clear that Massivit’s printer was the best piece of technology for both Group Delphi and our clients,” said Founder and CEO of Group Delphi, Justin Hersh. “Not only did Massivit create one of the most impressive pieces of 3D technology I’ve seen, but the material used is far more advanced than much of what you see on the market. It was absolutely the right choice for our company and I’m thrilled at how it’s already benefiting our clients.” 

File, Print: The Benefits of Large-Format 3D Printing

Large-format 3D printing has long been touted as a groundbreaking next-step in manufacturing. Not only does the additive process generate less waste, but it is relatively autonomous and quick — producing properties in hours that used to take months. 

The material used to print varies by machine, so it was crucial that we find a printer that used a non-flammable, durable material that met the strict code requirements our client projects adhere to. To address the need, Massivit created a proprietary material called Dimengel, a high-viscosity gel that is both non-flammable and durable — requiring only a low-energy LED UV process to quickly cure. 

Once projects leave the printer, Group Delphi’s CNC machines add an extra layer of detail. Patterns, textures, threading for screws, are all added after pieces are finished printing — bringing a sophisticated level of finish to the structures we produce. Adding to the list of benefits, Dimengel is able to support a wide range of high-quality finishes. 

“I’m delighted at how quickly and seamlessly the printer’s capabilities incorporated into and enhanced our production processes,” said Hersh. “It’s exciting to see our team already thinking of all the innovative ways they’ll use this powerful new tool.” 

After materials are finalized, Group Delphi incorporates them into the environments we create and build — bringing projects from concept to completion all in-house. 

Imagine the Possibilities

As we add large-format 3D printing to our list of in-house services, we remain inspired by the projects coming through our doors and out of our new piece of advanced production technology. It stands as an ode to our roots, a reminder that no matter what the norm may be, Group Delphi is still a company that pushes past what’s expected, and instead, looks toward what’s possible. 

Learn more about Group Delphi’s large-format 3D printing capabilities. 

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