Congrats to Group Delphi Design Director, Mark Pearlman

Mark Pearlman, Group Delphi Design Director

Congratulations to Mark Pearlman, Group Delphi Design Director, on his appointment to the Board of Advisors at the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning at the University of Kansas!

Mark has created breathtaking trade show exhibits and events for our clients around the world for the last decade. He is the fearless leader of our robust team of talented creatives, and we couldn’t be prouder of his latest accomplishment.

The Influence of Design

Throughout his tenure, Mark has focused on developing collaborations between alumni, students, faculty, and sponsor organizations as they study the influence that design, architecture, and experiential have on one another.

Mark has spent his career building everything from rocket-launching events to virtual worlds for museumgoers.

“Successful design identifies a problem and solves that problem,” Mark said. “Sometimes that problem might have global impact, sometimes it may be a communication vehicle for a client’s brand message, or it may just be to find a new way to accomplish a task at work.”

The Board’s talent and experience-driven insight coupled with the school’s stated mission, “the pioneering force for global impact through design,” will make for a future full of exciting developments.

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