Group Delphi Acquires IVG Restaurant Solutions

Group Delphi Acquires IVG Restaurant Solutions

Group Delphi is pleased to announce the acquisition of IVG Restaurant Solutions, a custom millwork fabricator and food service equipment dealer for the restaurant industry based in Kansas City.

“Group Delphi has never been limited by the traditional concept of experiential marketing,” says Group Delphi CEO Justin Hersh. “Restaurants are some of the most important places in our society for human interaction — not just a place for food, but a place where people make memories and forge relationships. When you create a space for true human engagement, a space that people remember and want to come back to, that’s when our craft is at its most compelling.”

Restaurants are often juggling logistics between multiple vendors for design, production, and installation. IVG Restaurant Solutions is an all-in-one provider, making it a faster and more efficient process, and improving the quality of the results.

“A key differentiator for us is that we supply everything. Millwork, equipment, lighting, flooring — that’s all done in-house. Having one vendor, instead of multiple, simplifies and speeds up the process for everybody,” says IVG founder Thor Garlick. “Restaurants want a partner they can trust to deliver quality, at cost, and on time. Joining Group Delphi greatly expands our ability to do just that.”

Working under the banner of Group Delphi, IVG Restaurant Solutions is now supported by a much larger production team, with additional capabilities in fabrication and digital technology. With Group Delphi’s production facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Fort Wayne, Indiana, IVG’s services can reach new markets across the U.S.

“The scale provided by Group Delphi’s production facilities will be a huge win for our clients,” said Garlick. “Also, Group Delphi’s long experience with museums and permanent installations is a perfect fit with the needs of the food industry, where the work needs to be both durable and thoughtfully designed for the function.”

Garlick has over 25 years experience working on large-scale commercial installations for restaurants, museums and corporations, 15 years of which were with Group Delphi in its early days. Beyond the industry experience, Garlick brings a pride in personal service that matches Group Delphi’s core values.

“I’ve always had a great deal of admiration for not just the level of his work, but how taking care of customers is the heart of his approach to business,” says Hersh. “IVG’s focus on crafting a superior dining experience with a focus on people is why their service is such a natural fit for Group Delphi and our company values.”

Following the acquisition, IVG Restaurant Solutions will continue operating under its name, and Garlick will serve as the point person for Group Delphi’s restaurant clientele.

Learn more about IVG Restaurant Solutions and its services.

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