A Second Christmas at Fort Wayne: Meet Group Delphi’s New Zünd Cutter

Group Delphi Zund Cutter

A miracle happened this month at Group Delphi’s Midwest location. Fort Wayne’s graphics department enjoyed a second Christmas, when it welcomed its new Zünd G3, a state-of-the-art cutter that epitomizes the elegance and precision of its Swiss pedigree.

No one is more thrilled than Andy Rood, the department’s business leader, who has included the machine on every wish list since joining the company. “Everyone who’s been here for a while knows that whenever it’s budget time, I always fit this machine onto my request form,” he says. “Justin [CEO Justin Hersh] will probably tell you that he’s glad we finally got this thing so I’ll stop bugging him about it… This is my white whale. This is what I’ve wanted for a long time.”

Until the Zünd came online this past week, graphic fabrication was done by the shop’s heavily scheduled CNC router. Andy is full of praise for the great work done by the CNC team, but he is confident that his department’s acquisition of its own dedicated cutter will create exponential improvements in scheduling, accessibility, workflow, and product range. Projects can now move from the clients’ vision to design and, from there, directly into a software format that needs no further translation. “I can take an existing file that my designers have already created,” says Andy, “and send it over to the cutter [which now lives just ten feet away from the department’s printers], and it will process that information without having to make a separate file, like we would have to do to be in a language the CNC router would understand.”

With a camera–driven optical system that guarantees perfect placement, the Zünd also provides a level of automated precision that will eliminate the need for hand adjustments or reruns – to produce, for example, large mural pieces, where perfect overlaps are required to meet Group Delphi standards.

According to Andy, the new streamlined process will translate into “fewer production hours and lower estimated costs that can be passed along to the client,” and, in an industry in which time is what he calls “the Holy Grail,” a “significantly shortened turnaround.”

Andy and his team look forward to sharing these exciting changes with the wider world. “Once we have it up and running, we’ll show our current and prospective clients what this machine is capable of, and how quickly it operates. It will be a centerpiece of any tours coming through and will also expand the sales department’s ability to share the additional things we can do and how cost effective they will be. The Zünd is also going to open the door to some new areas for us, and some retail applications that we’re not currently offering.”

“We’re always looking for ways to make a good product at a good price,” Andy concludes, “and everybody in the company, no matter what their fields are, is going to benefit.”

To better understand just how Group Delphi’s new acquisition works – and to have some fun watching it go through its steps – visit https://www.youtube.com/user/ZundTube

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