30 Years of Gratitude from Group Delphi

Happy holidays from Group Delphi 2019

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller


2019 marked our thirtieth year in business — a milestone to be sure, but also a time to express our gratitude for the opportunities afforded us over these three decades. To our many valued clients, it’s said that a project is only as good as the client behind it. To that end, you have been great! You have allowed us to spread our creative wings, taking your customers on fantastic journeys: through the microscopic world of a semi-conductor chip to the wonders of public space flight. You have let us help tell your stories of technology bringing people and markets together, or how it can restore health and extend life. Through all this, you have helped us grow professionally and personally. For this, we are grateful.

Our early days as a theatrical production company instilled in us the importance of the uniquely collaborative spirit of the theater community. So, to our Group Delphi team, our industry colleagues and friends, without you there would be no “there, there.” Instead, we would have dark sets, lifeless screens, unassembled parts in crates that didn’t make it to show site. Your knowledge and expertise make our work shine. Your professionalism and comradeship make it a joy. For this, we are grateful.

As we’ve grown from two theater guys working out of a West Oakland warehouse, to a company that plays on the international stage, we know that the best is still ahead. There is no shortage of creative opportunities to explore and amazing people with whom to work. This is what keeps our fires burning bright every day. We also know that with the bonds built over three decades, we won’t be going it alone.

Happy holidays with deepest gratitude,

Justin & Tony

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