The Balance Vol 2: Live Outside the Booth


We’re back with another edition of the community collaboration we call The Balance. It’s the free email newsletter where experiential marketing pros from companies far and wide step outside the trade show booth to share their non-fussy, non-preachy tips for staying sane, healthy, and happy in a fast-paced career. Have a tip? Sign up and share!

Getting executives on board with your face-to-face marketing efforts can be daunting. But fear not; execs are people too, and sound logic can sway even the stingiest SVP. Follow the steps below to iron things out with the suits and get your experiential budget approved.

In this issue, we address the incredible phenomenon of “pant creep” (read: how to exercise when you’re always on the go), what never to talk about on date night, and how to stay connected with friends and family. Special thanks to Colleen Johnson of Sho-Link, Jeff Provost of the EDPA, and our own Anne Morse for contributing. Enjoy. (Or at least laugh.)

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