Our Week in Watching: Media for Marketers

Sometimes marketers just like to watch. This week’s roundup of interesting videos will delight and inspire as you head into a restful weekend. Thanks to Delphinians Katie Bottrell, Zack Schwartz, and Ashley Welling for sharing these finds.

For “supes emotional” journey that “Speaks to the power one person can have when they set their mind on making a change in their community,” said Ashley Welling via Slack. The video follows a small business owner as he receives a $20,000 grant from Key Bank to revitalize a neighborhood park. “It was def geo-targeted at me and it WORKED.”

Factoid: The groundbreaking show Mythbusters was often shot on the very naval base we call home. It’s also the show’s 15th anniversary. To mark the occasion, special effects expert and co-host Adam Savage spoke at WIRED25 (in a chat hosted by deputy editor Adam Rogers — Katie Bottrell’s brother-in-law no less!). Says, Bottrell: “The interview this week was about Mythbusters Junior, a show that is all about teaching kids STEM skills and showing our youth that you can tinker, you can experiment, and you can fail.”

Here at Group Delphi, we like to say “We set the stage and steal the show.” In this gem of a video surfaced by Zack Schwartz, Hamilton set designer David Korins steals the show himself with his rousing TEDxBroadway talk about creating the world you want to live in.

“You don’t have to work on Broadway to design a set,” says Korins. “You can be the set designer of any space in your life.” We agree.

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