Screens and Social Media: Real Connection Is About Much More

screens and social media

When it comes to screens and social media, it’s a touchscreen world. We just tap in it.

Do your eyes hurt? It’s no wonder; brands are packing their booths and events with glowing pixels, apps, and hashtags. Screens and social media have become go-to tools in every experiential marketer’s arsenal, and brands both large and small are relying on digital tools in hopes of fostering community and connection.

The problem: marketers relying mostly on screens and social media are missing the point of experiential marketing. They’re offering a hollow shell of an experience — and they’re wasting marketing dollars.

Real, authentic connection is about so much more.

Download the UNwhitepaper

Discover the elements that make for meaningful experiences with “Missed Connection,” our guide to blending social and experiential marketing. Follow these 10 steps to bring the wonder and awe back into your experiences — and make a connection with your customers that they’ll never forget.

Included Knowledge

  • How to leverage story to make your experiential endeavors sizzle
  • Why spontaneous community is better than brownies
  • How to bring your visitors on a journey that makes them feel real feels (hint: it’s not Uber)
  • BRAVO! The role of performance in any great experience
  • Get your learn on: an illustrated history of experiential marketing
  • Doing it right: how to use social to enhance and extend your experience
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