The Three I’s of Experiential Design

The Three I's of Experiential Design

Experiential design that transforms visitors into brand-loyal clients. Easier said than built, right?


Take a look at strategy that wins with an award-winning designer who has 30-plus years’ experience delivering jaw-dropping results. We promise that your new customer journey will inspire or your money back.

(Actually, no refunds … this guide is completely free.)

Interactive Experiential Design

Whether it’s goggles, tables, augmented reality, or virtual reality, interactive elements should never be intimidating. They should be inviting.

Build a lounge area and fill it with the aroma of freshly brewed espresso and baked treats and you’ve set the stage for more comfortable connection.

Build in a space for games and watch friendly competition turn into lasting relationships.

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Immersive Experiential Design

Truly immersive design demonstrates an understanding of how a customer will interact with the experience before the have even stepped foot inside your space.

The design builds anticipation pre-show. It provides visitors with a threshold to cross over into your branded world — shutting out the buzz of the hall. It stations representatives as guides — there to walk with them through the conflicts.

The resolution? Your products.

Inspirational Experiential Design

Inspirational design lives at the intersection of interactive and immersive. It’s the feeling customers have as they walk out the other side of your experience and into the hum of your competition.

Ever had a song stuck in your head? Your brand story should be that song, drowning out the noise for every visitor who walks through your space.

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