The Truth About Trade Show Budgeting


Trade show budgeting presents a formidable obstacle to many a marketer.

Those who are new to the business struggle to estimate the costs. Thinking of experiential as little more than “floor space and a booth,” they under-budget — and come showtime, they make a lackluster impression or get an unpleasant surprise from the show services invoice.

Seasoned vets, on the other hand, experience a different trade show budgeting issue. They understand the value of experiential marketing but may struggle to articulate it to the superiors controlling the funds. Tasked with explaining why a trade show booth costs what it does, they’re asked to not only distill a very complex business down to a few sentences, but also tie the dollars spent directly to sales dollars earned. (Not an easy task, given that the ROI of trade show marketing goes far beyond mere leads.)

Both scenarios reflect a disconnect between expectation and reality that leaves marketers of all stripes frustrated and ineffective. The good news: there’s a solution for this particular industry ailment. And it all starts with this guide.

Trade Show Budgeting Truth: Your Booth Is Not a Booth

“This is Not a Booth” reveals the complex cost components of experiential marketing, equipping you to understand trade show budgeting better and be more effective in your work.

Discover the fresh perspective you need to shift your thinking, transform your trade show work, and unlock unprecedented results.

Budget Your Booth

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