The Balance: Work/Life Balance for the Trade Show Professional

trade show professional

Is there such a thing as work/life balance for a trade show professional? Maybe not. But there are ways to stay sane in the fast-paced trade show marketing business. We know because we asked you. Our new, not-too-frequent digital newsletter is packed with just the right amount of simple, smart tips from your peers in the industry that can help you find a little more balance.

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We carry more computational power in our pockets today than put man on the moon, with spreadsheet, translation, presentation and video-editing capabilities at our fingertips, and so much more. I personally struggle with being on the road so much and losing that personal time just being “present” with my family. Itʼs common that we Facetime/Skype/video-chat with clients and coworkers all over the world, yet we rarely do so with family. Why not? Use the tech for yourself, and give family more than a hurried call between events. Make it a priority: Put the date and time in your calendar. Send them a calendar Invite. It is critical to always be touching base and re-grounding yourself with whatʼs best and most important in your life. Plan it, and it will happen!

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