Integrating Interactive Media & AV Systems in Renovated Landmark

Reunion Tower, a landmark of the Dallas skyline, was on track to reopen their observation deck for the first time after six years. Working with Woodbine Development Corp., an environment design by Gensler, interactive media by Stimulant, and AV integration and show controls by Group Delphi, the new tower would create atmospheric experiences using video, sound and lighting, and have cutting edge multi-touch interactive media displays to explore the sights from the renovated observation deck.

In the event space above the observation deck, the ceiling of the Big Sky Lounge is embedded with 17 monitors that play a video loop creating the atmospheres of sunny, stormy, and rainy skies. The effect is enhanced by LED lighting in the ceiling and walls that changes color in synch with the video.

Rather than making the video and lights co-dependent with pre-programmed controls, the AV integration team came up with the idea to develop software and controls for the lighting to follow the video so that the light hues automatically match the video playing. This solution future-proofed the design by preventing the potential for expensive lighting reprogramming if the video changed.

The observation deck’s architectural and experiential centerpieces are two reader rails with 30 multi-touch screens that look like they are floating. Group Delphi achieved the look of floating reader rails by fabricating the rails as thinly as possible and using glass legs that show no visible support.

Stimulant designed the rail’s motion-sensitive media, which senses approaching patrons and changes the display in response to their presence. The visitors can then explore Dallas through the interactive touchscreens. As the AV integrator, Group Delphi designed the systems and installed the motion sensing cameras, ultrasonic sensors, touch screen monitors and computers that all work seamless from the server room located half a mile away in a parking garage.

When you need technology solutions to support uncompromising design, call on Group Delphi and we will preserve your design’s intent.

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