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5 Winter Travel Tips from Your Trade Show Professionals

You step outside the terminal, breathe in a lung-full of diesel fuel exhaust, and think: Wow, it’s cold, and I didn’t pack gloves. Don’t despair—just because the moisture in your...
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Keep Calm and Booth On: How to Survive Trade Show Disasters in 3 Easy Steps

Sometimes, a giant water main will burst all over your production shop. Or 110 mile-per-hour winds will threaten to launch your event tents into the stratosphere. Then there’s the truck...
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CEO Justin Hersh on the Art of Experiential Storytelling

It’s a late afternoon in December when you pull up to your destination. The desert behind you is still. You glance quickly over your shoulder, almost expecting to see a...
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Fresh Ideas to Breathe New Life into Your Trade Show Booth

Engineering, technology, and strategy, oh my! Like a wizard pulling the behind-the-scene strings, you’ve put countless hours of effort and invested valuable resources into a beautiful, durable industry trade show...
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budget buy in from procurement

How to Get Budget Buy-In from Procurement

The key to winning the budget game is collaboration. Yes, you read that right—collaboration among departments doesn’t have to feel like a Faustian bargain. With thoughtful planning and an agile...
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learn how your brand can survive with experiential marketing

Brand on the Run: Go Live and Survive with Experiential Marketing

Remember when everyone thought that digital media experiences would eventually eclipse analog out of existence? In 2009, it was believed that ebooks would finally destroy print, Spotify was hailed the...
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budget your trade show experience

How to Budget Your Trade Show Experience

From design to drayage, producing the art of experience is fraught with details that can be damning if overlooked — especially when they cost real dollars. When it comes to breaking...
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experiential marketing photo-ops

The Power of Experiential Marketing Photo-Ops

There was a time when ye olde “photo op” was solely the domain of a publicist and the act of image-making — whether for a celebrity or brand — was...
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customer experience and experiential marketing

The Customer Experience and Experiential Marketing

If your brand were an airline, would you be Southwest or American? We put this question to a client as an afternoon discovery session wound down. Without missing a beat,...
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Should You Have a Trade Show Micro-Influencer In Your Booth?

A micro-influencer isn’t a small person who wields outsized power, like, say, a toddler or Lord Farquaad in Shrek. They’re online personalities who have a ton of social media followers in...
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