How to Get Budget Buy-In from Procurement

budget buy in from procurement

The key to winning the budget game is collaboration. Yes, you read that right—collaboration among departments doesn’t have to feel like a Faustian bargain. With thoughtful planning and an agile back and forth with your colleagues, you can get the budget you need. Here are approaches we’ve seen work with different stakeholders.

Sell It to Sales

Don’t forget that the best way to get sales on your side is to show them the money—not by jumping on a couch, but with cold, hard data. Do your research. When your sales team worries that trade show leads aren’t qualified, show them data that demonstrates how process and follow-through can generate conversions.

Make it clear that you believe in supporting the sales team. No one wants to be sent to a trade show feeling unprepared, so craft a strong pre-and post-show plan of action.

Everyone can agree that brand awareness is important, but if you bring it back to the data, you’re more likely to get the green light from sales.

Market to Marketing

Collaboration, not competition, is the key to a winning strategy. Recognize the corporate marketing team as a valued ally by establishing strong lines of communication. The last thing you want is to be caught off-guard when new branding is rolled out and there’s no budget left to reprint graphics.

Stay on top of the latest experiential trends and how they tie into the entire marketing program. Be the ambassador of experiential marketing to get buy in from the rest of your team.

Punch It Up to Procurement

Get your numbers ready, because the best way to woo procurement is with strong data. Go in with detailed information about your competitors and industry best practices to justify your spend.

Demonstrate value beyond the price tag. For example, if you can show that your chosen vendor’s price comes with a higher level of customer service or dedicated support, your request will be more compelling.

Let your team know that you’re willing to consolidate your vendors to maximize savings, but don’t sacrifice quality to do it. Play the game right, and everyone wins.

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