Fresh Ideas to Breathe New Life into Your Trade Show Booth


Engineering, technology, and strategy, oh my! Like a wizard pulling the behind-the-scene strings, you’ve put countless hours of effort and invested valuable resources into a beautiful, durable industry trade show booth that showcases your brand. But there’s no booth betrayal in also acknowledging that your experiential wonder is just a little less shiny than when it first popped out of the crate. For permanent trade show programs, the investment is significant, and your top brass will expect you to wait three, five, or even seven years before it is time for a new build.

Here are some savvy ways we’ve helped clients bring new life to a not-quite-ready-to-retire trade show booth:

  1. First, consider updating your graphics and signage. Re-skin the custom elements like walls and counters with fresh, bold imagery and color treatments. You’ll make your brand marketing team happy when you showcase their most recent work; they may even be able to share some of the costs.
  2. Second, discover news ways to do digital. Launch a compelling new video, perhaps with an innovative approach to a product demo or an actual customer story. To do this, you will want to choose an experiential marketing partner with the integrated expertise in design, as well as one with in-house digital capabilities.
  3. Third, if bigger-ticket items aren’t in the budget, focus on the experience your visitors have with staff. Think about retooling the visitor’s journey through staff engagement. How do you want staff to interact with people in meaningful, personalized ways? Invite participants to take a survey, hear a story, or tell their own story in a collaborative exercise.

In our experience, the most successful activations aren’t just about the boldest graphics or best technology. Even the most gorgeous trade show booths can be wasted if staff aren’t excited, well-trained, and engaging. Training will require some personal effort from you and your team, but it is a relatively low-cost investment that reaps out-sized rewards time after time.

You don’t need to drop a house on your visitors to improve on your booth experience, but rather just simple inventive, novel ways to make it more memorable. Do this, and even the wickedest witch will be impressed.

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