Memes Are So 2017. Here’s How to Really Get Inside the Mind of a Millennial

Marketing to millennials is a bit like investing in Bitcoin. Everybody’s talking about it, but precious few are doing it well — and one misstep can leave you embarrassed and empty-handed.

The secret: Don’t believe the hype. Follow the tips below to meet millennials on their own turf: authentic interactions with purpose.


Millennials care about social responsibility. Equality, health, and the environment really matter to them. Millennials are not all about selfie sticks and lumberjack facial hair. Respect what they care about, and respect them, too. Contrary to the wildly popular Mom and Dad’s Basement MythⓇ, many now have mortgages, children — they may even be your boss.

The Right “C”

In: Customization. Out: Choice. Sound like a paradox? Millennials grew up with Amazon and are unimpressed by infinite options, preferring a more personalized feel in their transactions. When pricing your product, go for smart constraints like tiers, A/B options, and edited vignettes that show you know them and their needs. Become the Anna Wintour of experiential. In a word: Curate.


Don’t: Name-drop celebrity endorsements unless you know, double know, triple know they’re trusted by millennials. Do: Share reviews. (Think tweets, not Consumer Reports.) Be prepared with proof of your claims, lest your millennial guest start googling mid-sentence.


As in, don’t do it. Don’t. There’s such a thing as trying too hard. True storytelling is creative and relevant. Challenge yourself to build real narratives about who you are and what you do. Remember that while every generation is shaped by world events, we’re all contemporaries. We have far more in common than anyone would have us believe.

A story worth sharing never goes out of fashion.

Want more meaningful approaches for marketing to millennials?

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