How to Sell Your Trade Show Concepts to Your Sales Team


You are the keeper of your brand, the person who understands the most important minutiae of your offering — from its voice and look to the essence of its unique value proposition in your market. This makes you the ultimate salesperson for the brand, which is why it falls upon you to sell your trade show concepts to your sales team.

After all, you’re the person who cares most about selling the brand – the right way — and you understand implicitly that the way you market your brand is itself part of its branding.

Sales is a Shared Goal

To this end, you need to ensure that your sales team understands that your booth or brand experience is not only facilitating a conversation with customers but is also generating new business. Salespeople like to hear that profit is the ultimate end goal, so remind them that your trade show concepts are engineered to eventually lead your customers to this shared goal.

“When sales see that you’re also working hard for profits, they’ll be much more likely to support you,” suggests event staffing agency EventPro Strategies. “Good staff break down communication barriers and lay the groundwork for non-invasive ways to gather much-needed guest information.”

Focus on Key Performance Indicators

Turn your attention to your marketing metrics, taking a good look at your best key performance indicators. Challenge yourself to improve them with each show and keep a detailed record of your efforts. Moreover, share these results with sales and use them to illustrate that you’re working towards the top line. Strong data can help ground the efficacy of even the most abstract trade show concepts in the minds of the team.

Pay it Forward (to yourself)

As the foremost authority on your brand, your insights have the ability to drive conversion at every level of the sales funnel. Be assertive in training your reps on the brand’s message to maintain consistency and voice. Make sure you have the data to show how trade show leads convert with proper follow-up and use it when faced with doubters. When you can prove past results, your “proof of concept” for your next big thing is already there waiting for you.

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