Best Experiential Marketing Trends of 2018


If 2018 felt like a single-shot scene straight out of a Luc Besson movie in a frenetic flow of brightly-colored events flashing by before you have a chance to process anything, not to worry! Rest assured that unlike our national news cycle, we’ve taken a much more Agnes Varda approach to the year with our own blog. Here, we’re slowing it down to the most-important details, without all the wild distractions. Enjoy our snapshot of the year’s best experiential marketing trends, both yours and ours.

“David Bowie Is”: 3 Experiential Marketing Takeaways

David Bowie’s performative music moved generations past, continuing to march forward today with the rest of us. His flamboyant activism with an inclusive message has the ability to stir someone with a heart of stone. It’s no wonder, then, that our post on this rock revolutionary was one of our most-read of the year. (Also, not surprising is that our customers have excellent taste in music.) We looked at the lessons of Ziggy Stardust to see how they seamlessly translate to experiential marketing, from brand reinvention to emotional inclusion to experiential connections.

Memes Are So 2017. Here’s How to Really Get Inside the Mind of a Millennial

From Major Tom to the memes, we covered the challenges of appealing to that oh-so-elusive yet oh-so-everywhere generation, the Millennials. Turns out, it’s not so hard, and it doesn’t require endless cat videos. Millennials want a customized, credible experience. But don’t try too hard. Be real with Millennials, and they will reward you with their purchasing power.

When Experiential Marketing Meets Experimental Learning

Speaking of being real, we looked at learning as a tool to truly connect with your client. The innovators at Pineapple Collective showed us how to use the learning experience as a marketing device, “where you are far more likely to remember the process.”

The Power of Experiential Marketing Photo-Ops

Experience wins the day with our piece investigating the use of “honey-pot” photo ops versus real memories. Research shows that cultivating authentic experiences, not a cool photo opportunity, is key to leveraging the social media photos so coveted by agencies. Like an experiential Field of Dreams, if you experience it, the photos will come.

Are Trade Shows Relevant in the Digital Age? More Than Ever

Trade shows might seem like the expensive fossil in the room, offering up tattered pamphlets while the internet speeds around it like some CGI alien. But the new power players like bloggers and influencers love trade shows, and they offer an incredible springboard for startups and established brands. The future is now, but it’s wearing your mother’s incredible wrap-dress from the 1970s.

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