Group Delphi’s Cool Technology at ExhibitorLive Gets Some Cred

There’s clever, as in baby gorillas coming out of a giant bubble gum machine, and then there is clever!  As in using half-built monitors without the polarized film to look and feel a lot like 3D!

For this year’s ExhibitorLive, Group Delphi wanted to showcase our capabilities in bringing physical and the digital worlds together.  We don’t just design in drywall; we create integrated experiences that immerse the attendee in a true physical and digital environment.  We wanted to create something highly impactful and awe-inspiring, but without spending too much money.

Sounds familiar?

Our own creative director and head tinkerer, Chris Radovich, came up with a truly clever idea.  He broke apart a monitor to see if he could strip back the polarizing film, and what would happen if he did.  And voila!  When you take off the film, the images disappear!  All it takes is some polarized glasses to turn a half-built monitor into an immersive surprising experience.

Marlys Arnold of Image Specialist agrees.  Check out her video on cool technology she liked at ExhibitorLive, featuring yours truly.

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