Group Delphi’s Experiential Jungle at Exhibitorlive 2016!

“The trade show world is a wild and unpredictable environment, rife with pitfalls that threaten your bottom line and your reputation. Make no mistake: It’s a jungle out there.”

Positioning Group Delphi as a guide through the chaotic experiential jungle, our interactive paradise at EXHIBITORLIVE 2016 inspired wonder, awe, and connection on the show floor. White bamboo and wildlife sounds invited curious visitors to explore, and Delphi’s friendly team greeted guests with an intriguing offer:

“Want to meet our panda?” (Don’t worry; he’s vegan.)
The real magic happened when visitors peered through Google Cardboard glasses and our Augmented Reality Jungle came to life before their eyes. 3D vines twisted and turned, butterflies and hummingbirds hovered over enormous flowers, and a playful panda rolled through the foliage.

Some brands brought booths. We brought the wild.

The experience was fully immersive. As visitors turned their heads, the jungle followed their gaze, sweeping them off the show floor and into the realization that with Group Delphi, anything is possible.

The response was nearly unanimous: gasps, smiles, and great conversation. Thanks to an intriguing theme, a talented team, a tactile experience, and some well-chosen tech, the experiential jungle soon became an erupting volcano of new connections.

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