How Live Performers Put Your Trade Show Exhibit in the Spotlight

trade show exhibit

The concept is simple — to attract an audience, put on a show. Whether you’re working with dancers, acrobats, or actors, live performers fascinate in a way that screens just can’t.

All the Trade Show Exhibit’s a Stage

For our recent work with SAP SuccessFactors, we designed an environment where live performers told the story: “Success is Simply Human.” Every 30-minutes, Dream World Cirque acrobats scaled a 30-foot-tall wall to create colorful kaleidoscopic shapes with their flying feats.

The SAP SuccessFactors exhibit won several awards. As one judge noted, “Rarely does an exhibit incorporate a piece of performance art. Theatrical, dramatic, and on point with the company’s key messages, the wall undoubtedly stopped attendees in their tracks.”

However, you don’t need an entire acrobatic troupe to bring life to your trade show exhibit. A single, talented performer can also beguile and intrigue audiences when performing in the proper context.

For our work with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, we designed a “Space Odyssey” that allowed visitors to experience space without actually defying gravity. We created a replica of the surface of Mars, complete with red dust drifted over the set.

Throughout the experience, an actor costumed in a space suit surveyed the red planet, bringing a touch of verisimilitude as they traversed the Martian landscape. The combination of production value and performance was a hit with audiences and peers alike. It even won the Ray L. Shafer Leading Edge Award for Excellence from the Association of Science-Technology Centers.

They’re People, Not Props

To get the best out of your performers, treat them with the same respect you would accord your clients. Make sure they have a safe environment to prepare and perform (from dressing rooms to proper rigging if necessary) and be sure to budget time and resources for adequate breaks to rest as well as eat. A happy performer will deliver a happy performance and your trade show exhibit will be the star of the show.

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