When Music Marries Technology: Meet the T-Mobile Sound Booth

T-Mobile retail environment design Group Delphi

Imagine you are Larry Parypa of The Sonics, standing in a sound booth, ready to record the birth of punk rock. Or you are Diana Ross, stepping into a Motown recording studio, about to sing one of the great classics of the 20th century. Then your boss taps on your shoulder, or you hear a giant crash in the room containing your six-year-old, or you get splashed in head-to-toe puddle water from a passing Lyft.

Most of us will never encounter a classic sound booth. Except for the thousands who recently got the rare opportunity to do so in San Francisco, thanks to the Group Delphi-designed custom T-Mobile experience.

When T-Mobile decided to open a signature store in the heart of San Francisco, they picked Group Delphi to help bring the project to life. With a retail environment of 7,600-square-feet of selling space, we designed a fully-immersive experience as a tribute to T-Mobile and the latest innovative technology.

Calling on our vast experience with museum exhibits, we chose materials that would perform flawlessly despite heavy traffic and usage. LED panels featuring custom digital content lined a portion of the sound booth walls. The color scheme was styled in the signature magenta hue of T-Mobile, but also to recall the look of a recording studio at the height of rock and roll.

We designed a sound booth to not only shut out the ambient noise, but to allow visitors to immerse themselves in both T-Mobile’s wireless audio offerings and the fantasy of rock ‘n’ roll stardom. Guests were invited to use their smartphones to connect to the wireless devices featured on wooden shelves lining the glass walls.

Thousands passed through the booth, many documenting the experience on social media, adding their own impressions in tribute to the rock ‘n’ roll legends we all love like Janis and Jimi.

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