6 Tips to Help Plan Your 2019 Trade Show Budget


For some of us, dealing with our 2019 trade show budget generates the same ennui you generally reserve for an Edvard Munch exhibition. Silent screams aside, it is possible to turn the intimating, high-stress exercise of budgeting into an opportunity for success.  Here’s our how-to guide on selling your senior stakeholders on their experiential needs and securing the budget you need to ensure your team’s success in 2019.

Play the Budget Game

Don’t leave the success of your 2019 trade show budget up to chance. Prepare, prepare, and repeat. Approach your mangers with a strategic plan. Be sure to include a proactive account of statistics and facts to support your case, and demonstrate a real desire to support and communicate with your sales and marketing partners.

The Buck Starts Here

Ambitious ideas for 2019? Don’t leave anything to chance. Check out our do’s and don’ts, straight from our CEOs, on how to convince your executives that your plan is marketing magic.

Don’t Let a Bad Year Throw You

Say 2018 turned out as well as a snowball in Florida. A powerful plan for the new year is all you need to bounce back.

Go Experiential Strong

Moxie works great for film characters, especially those set in a fictional big city where none of the rats eat pizza and everyone speaks with a serious borough accent. When you want the big dollars, you need more than just attitude. Prepare for the budget battle by arming yourself with facts, tools, and strategies to conquer any opposing argument.

Better Living Through Statistics

When you are selling your bosses on the value of experiential, make every statistic and fact your friends. Focus on the cold, hard facts in your plan and you have a better chance of making your point.

Collaboration Tic-Tac-Toe

You’ve got your plan, and now all you need is your strategy for how to present it. Here are the keys to gaining buy-in from all your stakeholders, from sales to procurement to marketing colleagues.

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