Will Virtual Reality Replace the Trade Show Floor?

All those in the exhibit industry know that building and designing exhibits, managing logistics, and executing large-scale events takes tremendous effort and resources. What if we didn’t even have to leave our office, and could meet our industry cohorts with ease in the virtual world? Could brands convey their message and products virtually? Would we alleviate floor room fatigue? Futuristic stuff indeed, but the future is closer than you may think. And while many will argue that nothing can replace one-on-one human interaction, some techies see a different world, where VR is feasible.

Companies like Marxent are betting on it. They offer visual commerce solutions by bringing VR and augmented reality to the showroom. Big brands increasingly think it’s worth the leap: Lowe’s, Pepsi, and SanDisk have already signed on with Marxent.

Consider our interest piqued. We’ll keep you informed as we continue to see new developments in the VR space.

In more VR news, Oculus just released their new Touch controller. VR enthusiasts and professionals alike welcomed the new product and overall its received good reviews. As more companies enter the VR playing field competition for this new technology is heating up. According to Ars Technica, Oculus is leading the pack with the Touch controller solving the where are my hands question during the virtual experience. Oculus has…“taken the cake as far as sheer comfort and natural feel [goes]”. It’s no doubt that…“being able to use your hands fills in an important missing piece in the VR experience.”


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