Automation Anywhere: “The Little Book”

Looking to pack a big punch with a small footprint?

In the age of grandstanding and super-sizing, there’s something refreshing about small. Small is not desperate or ad hoc. Small is not second-rate. Small is mighty. Small is smart. And smart begins with strategy.

Let’s look at how our team layered that strategy in to Automation Anywhere’s (tiny) trade show program.


Automation Anywhere gained global attention for “The Big Book,” a massive replica of a book — complete with embedded screens — that towered over the heads of trade show visitors. But Automation Anywhere’s bread and butter, Robotic Process Automation, is a quickly emerging industry with new, smaller shows popping up all the time — many of which can’t accommodate such a massive tome. So the question became: How to bring large-scale buzz to a 10-foot-by-10-foot space?


The Group Delphi exhibit design and fabrication teams came together to shrink “The Big Book” down to a more succinct size.

Enter “The Little Book.” The reduced-size (but still totally oversized) hardcover allowed Automation Anywhere to maintain their overall experiential theme in a much smaller footprint.

Who says print is dead?