Coca-Cola: AT&T Park Slide


The San Francisco Giants were opening their sparkling new ballpark with an outfield feature unlike any other – and Coca-Cola was tasked with building an installation as impressive as the park it would adorn. Delphi was hired to create two slides that snaked through the middle of the bottle to entertain both kids and kids at heart. Not only did we have to engineer these slides to match the incredible Coke bottle facade, they had to be safe, secure and last outside in the elements for decades.


With our in-house engineers, we explored numerous approaches, creating a comprehensive engineering study to assist the general contractors and solving a plethora of issues by creating all drawings in 3D. The result: two massive, curving slides that funnel park visitors nearly 60 feet from the bottle’s opening to the fan lot at the bottom. Today, the Coca-Cola Superslide is an interactive fan favorite and the proud backdrop for the Giant’s history for years to come.

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