Levi’s: Historical Exhibit


Fabricate a 36-foot-tall tower as the central feature of five large exhibits within Levi Strauss & Company’s 6000 square foot atrium located in San Francisco—meaning it needed to be earthquake proof to city code. To make it even more of a challenge, we decided to eliminate all external support for an elegant look. No easy feat. Plus, it needed to measure up to the high-quality brand standards of Levi’s in look, tone and feel. And of course it was all on a tight, firm deadline.


Working with West Office Exhibition Design, we co-created this permanent exhibit, featuring six pavilions, each highlighting a different aspect of the company and its business – including 19th century garments, catalogs, print advertisements and retail signage. With all capabilities in house, we engineered, designed and created everything by the deadline. And you’ll be pleased to know, it passed all city codes and should be ready whenever the Big One hits.


In addition to this fantastic opportunity, Levi’s has also hired us to create limited edition, specialty retail work for their stores across the country, a line of ‘store within store’ displays that went in JC Penney’s nationwide and more.

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