Medtronic: The Global Rebrand

Throughout our partnership, Medtronic and Group Delphi have inspired immersive educational experiences the world over. Over the last 15 years, we have built an international presence that spans some 150 shows in the United States and 75-plus shows in Europe and elsewhere in the world annually.

Medtronic is a global force in healthcare technology, and Group Delphi has been proud to serve as a dedicated experiential partner, successfully navigating through more than a dozen major acquisitions and, most recently, a global rebranding. Over the years, we have built on a strategy of brand integrity — a core and consistent part of our process even as Medtronic has undergone major international growth. Our team has delivered on this with our process of discovery, concept development, design development, documentation, realization, and evaluation. This process has been our guide as programs have grown in both scope and scale, with each new acquisition lending to the complexity of the Medtronic voice. Throughout these acquisitions, the goal has always been to communicate Medtronic’s brand values, which was a driving force behind our strategy as a partner and are at the center of every element in the Medtronic program.

Group Delphi was asked to expand the Medtronic brand presence into the international market after working hand-in-hand to create a consistent, experiential brand voice while consolidating a number of distinct, domestic programs into one, unified program. Working with Medtronic’s design committee members from around the world, our team was able to create a program that was truly global. Since that time, we have strategized, designed, built, project managed, and exhibited at thousands of shows worldwide.


In 2015, Medtronic embarked on the considerable task of a global rebrand. As the existing global trade show partner, we were committed to delivering a reimagined exhibition strategy and design that would not only build on past success, but pave the way for future innovation and growth. This new design was to be created from “the logo down” — a branding strategy that is custom for the Group Delphi creative team. All design elements took their inspiration from the rebranded Medtronic voice — maintaining brand consistency at exhibition halls the world over.

But this level of consistency on such a scale requires diligent and open communication between all teams involved. Because of the global nature of this project, it was decided early on that a discovery report and creative brief would act as a record of all raw data and mutually agreed upon creative decisions. This record proved to be highly effective as a reference point throughout the project’s lifetime as collaboration continued and adjustments were inevitably made to accommodate developments. Every pertinent party was kept in the know on the latest developments, making the transition both transparent and seamless.

Over the course of the year, 55 global discovery sessions in multiple countries were held to allow for creative collaborations, presentations, design critiques, and storyboarding. Potential themes were designed by Group Delphi and discussed amongst members of the Medtronic domestic and international teams. The results were recorded in the brief and the results were reviewed. What was discovered from these sessions were common, desired elements. Medtronic wanted their new design experience to integrate seamlessly with innovative technology while remaining open and inviting for all visitors.

With these ideas driving our efforts, both the Medtronic and Group Delphi creative teams came together to present three unique designs that captured the focus points discussed in the discovery sessions. These presentations included renderings and videos illustrating what each build would look like in its live, exhibit environment — paving the way for informed discussions as together we decided which features would be most successful and in line with their new branding.

Upon further collaboration, certain elements from all three designs were chosen and combined to create one, cohesive experience. In early 2016, the new face of Medtronic was ready to be unveiled to the world with simultaneous shows in Phoenix and Leipzig.

This new, highly mobile design, was focused on customer experience and far more streamlined and flexible in nature — a key element for any business exhibiting at shows that vary so greatly in scale. This flexibility allowed the design to be equally compelling as anything from a table-top exhibit to an 80’x80’ experience.

The exhibit included a theater, private meeting rooms, a cafe, multiple engagement stations with interactive technology, and solution bays.

To maximize the impact of the innovative technology and educational elements, the new concept allowed visitors from around the world to interact with Medtronic products first-hand, whether it was through exploded 3-D views or in a wet lab with the latest surgical tools. Larger exhibits featured lounges and cafes, allowing guests to further interact with representatives who could provide any deeper insight and education that aligned with the products on display. This interactive design alongside the educational elements, allowed for crucial conversations surrounding their products to both begin and sustain momentum beyond the exhibit hall.

Group Delphi directly manages Medtronic’s congress program in Europe through our office in Paris. We have continued the success of the domestic program by working alongside our trusted partners across Europe — partnering with Medtronic’s chosen vendors in regions elsewhere. To facilitate these partnerships, we have created a detailed Design Intent Guideline to help ensure that other programs are keeping to the spirit of the original design and the global brand. Our team acts as consultants to Medtronic and their vendors when not leading the projects directly.

This powerful new program delivers an experience that is both educational and engaging while maintaining brand consistency across a global marketplace.

Throughout our partnership, Group Delphi has collaborated with Medtronic to build educational product interaction from the ground up, creating immersive and engaging experiences that illustrate the deep level of communication and understanding between our two teams.

Our success as a partner to Medtronic stems from the active collaboration that is core to our process. Our partnership has been a study in deeply developed strategy, open communication, and world-class program evolution — one in which we work through our challenges and build upon our successes, ultimately assuring Medtronic’s presence as a healthcare technology leader in the international marketplace.