Pixar: SIGGRAPH—Monsters University


Partnering with creative geniuses like those at Pixar might be intimidating to some, but we jumped at the challenge to help bring Pixar’s unmistakable style to their SIGGRAPH space. The Oscar-winning studio trusted us to come up with something great—and when your client’s bread and butter is masterpieces like Toy Story and Finding Nemo, anything less than spectacular is subpar.


Excited to show off their renowned visual effects software, RenderMan, they wanted a trade show presence that would give visitors a taste of the signature Pixar magic. First, we created a theater. Yes, we built a theater (long before anyone else had thought to do a theater as an exhibit). But this demo theater was designed like a whimsical classroom from Monsters University, with a “chalkboard” playing a video demo of RenderMan in an orientation for the “student” attendees. Rich and detailed graphics along the booth’s perimeter incorporated elements from the movie, such as hanging flyers on stone pillars covered with ivy.


We became a multiple award winner by taking home Best Graphics in the portable modular award competition and Best Modular and Custom Exhibit for Design and Build.

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